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  1. J

    FTB vanilla server 14+ Mature

    Features Quick List: 10 slots & Whitelist 24/7 PvE (PvP Disabled) Running all the mods in the pack Server Difficulty: Hard ING Rules : Keep-inventory, Mob-grief and fire-spread Server Staff: Owner: Miners_wtf Server Rules: Don't grief. Respect Ops and other players. Don't...
  2. J

    Small FTB server needs active members.

    IGN:Miners_wtf 16+ Age?:No, but im very mature in minecraft(14years)i dont like to disturb but i like to play with people around my age group 14 to 18 Agree to the rules?:Yes PS: I send you a pm with the Ip adress, if you dont login in the next 2 days you will be removed from the whitelist.