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    Whitelist Server Yay! FTB! | UPDATED Direwolf20 Beta 1.5.2 | Whitelist

    What version of DW20 is this, because whenever i try to login to the server with 1.1.2 it says im missing older versions of the mods.
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    Whitelist Server Yay! FTB! | UPDATED Direwolf20 Beta 1.5.2 | Whitelist

    InGame Name:coolblockj Age: 15 Do You Understand the Rules And Abide By Them [Y/N]: Y Have You Ever Been Banned? Not for anything that counts, I have only been banned from friend's servers when we are having fun What is the most convoluted, strange thing you've made in FTB? I have built many...
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    Whitelist Server EclipseCraft|Direwolf 5.2.1|Moderate Whitelist|15 Slots|24/7|

    --In Game Name: coolblockj --Real Age: 14 --Why do you want to join us? (Write at least 4 good sentences here, more the better): Well, the main reason I want to join is for good gameplay, meaning no lag or greifing player. Although, I would also like to join because it seems there would...
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    Whitelist Server Skeptical Gaming | DireWolf20 | Whitelist | 6GB | No PvP | Hard | Survival

    Game Name: coolblockj Age:14 Reason to Join:I have been looking around for a good server, but it seems that every one i join either has a bad community or is very slow and laggy, I'm hoping this one is different, i really want to have fun with a nice community and build cool machines. Little...
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    Whitelist Server Direwolf20 Server Whitelisted 35 slots

    Minecraft name:coolblockj Age (optional):14 Ever been banned?: No Experience with the modpack: I have had a ton of experience with the modpack, i have been on many servers, but not a lot have a good community or no lag, i also have lots of experience in Computercraft, Redpower, and...
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    Whitelist Server =[KabooseCraft]= || Direwolf20 pack || Whitelist || 14 slot || Norway || CLOSED

    IGN:coolblockj Age:15 Reason for Joining: Need a nice peaceful server to have fun in and advance in technology Have you been banned:No Reason for ban(If u were banned that is): Additional Info you can put(Optional):I am very experienced in all the mods, especially Redpower, Computercraft, and...
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    NewCraft|White listed|Dw20 modpack|

    MC Username: coolblockj Age:14 Any knowledge of the mods in this pack, if yes which ones: I have extensive knowledge in most if not all of the mods, especially Computercraft, Redpower, and Industrialcraft Are you mature:I'd like to beleive so, i usually try to keep to myself, but if i need to...
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    [1.4.6]The-Construct (16+)| Direwolf20 Pack | Whitelist | 8GB RAM | 25 Slots | TS3

    IGN:coolblockj Age:14 Country: United States Have you ever been banned from a server before?: (if so how?) No Experience with mods?:Much experience, mostly in computercraft and Redpower though, but i know a lot of the other mods as well Will you use TS3?:Yes if required to Answer to the secret...
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    One Of Many Ftb Server's|FTB Beta-A|WhiteList|

    I would like to join, I am very good at programming in lua, so i can work computercraft well, im learning how to do things with bees and forestry, but i am great at redstone and can help around a lot. IGN: coolblockj
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    Whitelist Server HavenCraft 'Reborn' | CLOSED | Archive

    Age:14 In-game Name:coolblockj Have you fully read and understood the rules?: Yes Motivate us why we should whitelist you: Because i am very good with the mods, i have extensive knowlege in lua and how most of the mods work, i can help out if anyone needs it. Why do you want to join us...
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    [FTB's Magic World][Whitelist][24/7] Humble beginnings

    IGN: coolblockj I have played Tekkit before, got really good at it, helped around on servers and showed people how to use the mods, but eventually quit Tekkit because of how outdated it was, and not really acrediting the mod authors. I think you should accept me because i can help people out...