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    the point of Gregtech picks

    A lot of the Gregtech hardmode recipes aren't on by default in Resurrection. I don't think you can make an iron pickaxe with them enabled. Also, if its the same as 1.5, stone pickaxes have half durability in hardmode.
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    Whitelist Server The World(24/7)A Space Astronomy 1.5.5 Server| Brand New Map(11/28/2016)| Mature

    IGN (in-game name): prudno Location: East coast US (North Carolina) Age (I am looking for 16+ but will make exceptions): 29 Why do you want to play here?: I'm looking for a decent well-performing server with a small-ish community. Also, I saw you have hard mode enabled, which I enjoy. Do you...
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    Why is Applied Energistics crafting stopping?

    so many swings and so many misses in this thread. This is a common problem when you put too many patterns on a slow machine, or put subsequent patterns on the same machine, its an export collision on an ME interface. My guess is you have both plates and casings being crafted on the same metal...
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    Is there a way to get rid of so many tiny trees

    like someone else said, sickle for precision clearing a patch and fire for shotgun approach. When I built in that biome, I made my house on stilts and platforms. It looks nice if you build into the biome like that, especially with ramps and such across places. It has a downside of making tree...
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    Whitelist Server SINGaming|Monster|1.1.1|MOVE TO OPEN|Economy|Residence|Tight Knit Community|Mature|Since 2010

    In-game name: prudno Age: 28 Have you ever been banned, for any reason, on any server?: No What is your experience with modded minecraft in general?: I started in 1.4 with Ultimate, and have played unleashed, unhinged, and DW20 1.6. I have mastered tech trees top to bottom of Rail craft...
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    Adventures in Gregtech (am i doin it rite)

    1) automatic machines auto-export, can transfer power to neighboring machines, and can handle upgrades. its a trade-off to the advanced options. 2). Automation is the mid-game GT challenge. It can be done with AE interfaces and gt logistics machines. For mass production of complex chains...
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    Those little things that irk you about Minecraft

    A slight variation to this: try to find a specific natura tree with BoP enabled. Sakura is easy because it spawns in river biomes, but good luck finding amaranth (vanilla jungle), tiger wood (vanilla forest) willow (vanilla swamp) and there's a few more painful ones.
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    Cart Assembler Upgrades

    new era is good and useful, fuel costs for assembly are one-offs and not that bad if you already have some kind of lava/charcoal gen. don't be tricked by industrial espionage like i was, it can make assembling times worse on build times exceeding two hours. energy crystal is a nice and cheap...
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    18, its equivalent to an industrial steam engine.
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    Applied Energistics Priorities Question

    in addition to what the other guy said, a lot of people set up a few chests with storage buses. you go through your ME and pick up items that will never exceed a stack and put them in one of the chests, jack up the storage bus priority, and then press the partition (?) button on the storage...
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    set an ME export bus with mode-always craft and the gold ingot in its slot aimed at an ME interface. it will continually try to craft gold ingots and send them into the ME interface, which of course goes right back into the system. you can do 8 always'crafts per precision export bus with this...
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    im powering 1.75 hp steam boilers with a 1-chunk steves cart treefarm. the trick for me was using the exotic tree upgrade and using tigerwood saplings. the growth rate is insane and there are very few leaves. also important, set up a sawmill+cyclic assembler+redstone furnace and feed their...
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    I've never been scared.....

    my server administrator resets the end regularly. that means the ender dragon death noise frequently scares me shitless when focusing intently on my ME net or working on a building project.
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    What biome do Natura Silverbell trees spawn in? Also Acacia and Fusewood. Note that they only spawn in vanilla biomes and I'm not referring to BoP variants.
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    Automating tesseract crafting?

    This is much simpler and less resource intensive now with the introduction of itemducts. Use a servo on the magma crucible itemduct input to whitelist ender pearls, and everything else will flow to the transposer for filling. you can also route the output back into the inferface with...
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    Minecraft Darwin Awards 2014

    When decorating goes wrong, Ultimate edition: With my newfound infinite power source in fusion, I decided it was time to clean up the basement. Oh, a clever idea I thought, lets use a filler to replace the stone with basalt pavers via a clear then fill on the box shape of the 3x3 chunk space...
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    Automating Dye trees

    maybe steves carts can handle the tree type. it has an addon(tree:exotic i think) that allows it to work with mod trees
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    My managed farm does not plant/replant.

    Likely: your server/setup is using GP. Forestry can't plant or place water if it doesn't have permission in a claim. try /trust (forestry) but with brackets instead of parenthesis (my symbol button on my phone wont work...). You could also do public instead of forestry or remove it from a...
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    Machine Request: Clay Maker

    it was mentioned on page 1, why is it still under discussion? Clay is infinite with infinite slag. Slag is infinite with infinite sand. sand is infinite with infinite cobble. Cobble is infinite with a cobble gen. All of these things can be obtained via TE. Yeah, its a step above getting...
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    Those little things that irk you about Minecraft

    the best way to prevent this is never place the portal at ground level. always build a 3-high stick of blocks and put the portal on the top 2. always hold forward when going through a portal as well, dont just butt up against it and stop. doing this you will never get stuck and die.