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    Open BigBlueWarchiefs | InfiTech 2 | Dedicated Server | FTBU | English Language [EU/GER]

    Come ahead and join us on our second playthrough of Jason McCrays Infitech2. We are 3 core players and looking for more to join us this time around, the pack is hosted on a dedicated server and ought to be around for the forseeable future! Only rules are don't be a dick and english language...
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    Problem My server doesn't have any backup solutions,

    As far as i'm aware there should be no issues running backups whilst the server is running, provided that you also have it disable automated saving whilst it backs up, in my case the map file for the server I run is close to 38gb, and as such backups can take a while! also THANK YOU WAGON, that...
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    force loaded spawn chunks?

    already tried using worldedit to select the whole region and regen it with expand vert, no luck sadly :/ I've heard I could possibly stop the loading by modifying the world in NBTexplorer? any idea if that would be possible? Added: screenshot from opis, atm its not bad at all but the time taken...
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    force loaded spawn chunks?

    So the original spawn chuncks as part of vanilla MC are forcibly kept loaded, this is generating a colossal amount of lag compared to the other chunks on my server (according to OPIS) and as such I wish to know, how do I stop the loading of said chunks? many thanks to any responses
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    All IDs of Direwolf20v1.0.11 for GriefPrevention here

    Im having problems when I use this, GP either overwrites this with its default file or just errors the entire config, any ideas why?
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    Looking for GriefPrevention IDs for Direwolf20 1.6.4

    This does exist somewhere on the forum but it was broken when I tried it and just caused GP to overwrite the file with the defualt, if anybody would share a working one I would also be very interested!
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    Issues with Direwolf20 Block placement?

    ISSUE FIXED. Think it was a broken version of MCPC+ as after a full reinstall with a new version of MCPC it works just fine
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    Issues with Direwolf20 Block placement?

    Currently running the 1.6.4 direwolf20 pack ver 1.0.13 with mcpc+ R2.1-forge965-B215 Server is Running on a dedicated box running Debian64 wheezy 64bit with 16gb ram assigned to the server and a total of 32gb on the box. Issue is when playing on the server placement of many mod blocks causes...