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    Whitelist Server Hoffcraft | FTB Monster | Small Community | Whitelist | 1.1.1 | Builders Wanted!

    Age: 21 IGN: _Zari_ Skype or TeamSpeak 3: Skype will be given if accepted Country: US Timezone: Gmt-5 Minecraft Experience/Favourite Mods: I played Minecraft alot about a year ago, modded it myself and had alot of fun, then FTB came along and it was super easy and I loved it. I quit for about a...
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    Whitelist Server A7CRAFT FTB Direwolf20 /whitelisted / 20 slot / 18+ closed temporary

    I have the same question as ivoryfire.
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    Whitelist Server A7CRAFT FTB Direwolf20 /whitelisted / 20 slot / 18+ closed temporary

    Username :_Zari_ & Kano_Yuuki Age : 21 & 23 Why you want to join our server : My wife and I just recently got back into playing Minecraft and are looking for a good server to join. We're hoping to find a good community that we can hang out with, joke around, and have a lot of fun. After all...
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    Creating new Config pack, suggest mods here! (1.4.6)
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    Creating new Config pack, suggest mods here! (1.4.6)

    Inficraft and Metallurgy 2, my two favorites
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    Anyone want to help sort InvTweaksTree.txt?

    Bumping this since i just downloaded it and was looking for it last night.
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    FutureCraft|Latest FTB|Whitelist| Small Skype server! Read for more info!

    Application: IGN: Blackeagle95 Skype [required, it's easy to create an account]: Red32892, Additional note about Skype I can join and listen but using a mic to talk isn't that practical for me Experience with FTB/Tekkit: I have very little experience with Tekkit, however I've played FTB since it...
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    Whitelist Server GrayCraft Relaunched Whitelist/PvE/Mindcrack/Mature/Survival/Mystcraft Installed

    Your Minecraft Name: Blackeagle95 How long you've played: I've played FTB since day one, and Minecraft as a whole since 1.2.5 Have you ever been banned before and if so why were you: Never been banned from any server. How old are you: 20 Do you have access to and the willingness to use a...
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    FTB++|1.4.5|Current MagicWorld Pack + Many More Mods!

    Age: 20 Minecraft IGN: Blackeagle95 Preferred Method of Communication (Skype/TS/Vent/etc.) [Username?]: Skype, Ts and Vent are fine however I don't have a mic. Do understand that the server is in *BETA: Yes Have you played with FTB prior: Since day 1 Do you have previous experience with manually...
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    Suggest Mods for FTB Here

    I didn't know about this mod, but if properly configured it could be an extremely awesome addition, I really like the look of the vein distribution for ores.
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    Suggest Mods for FTB Here

    I know Metallurgy 2 has been suggested before but I think it'd be a good addition. I also really like the infitools mods, don't know if those have been suggested already.