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    Whitelist Server =[KabooseCraft]= || Direwolf20 pack || Whitelist || 14 slot || Norway || CLOSED

    IGN: poodle5000 Age: 12 Reason for Joining: I want to have some fun with FTB with others Have you been banned: No Reason for ban(If u were banned that is):
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    World of Mods (whitelisted server) (Direwolf20's mod pack)

    IGN: poodle5000 Age: 12 Mod experience: I'm pretty good with ic2 and thaumcraft 3 Activeness: I usually go on after school if not every other day or so Why should we want you on the server: I am really good at working with others and i want to enjoy minecraft with others
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    NewCraft|White listed|Dw20 modpack|

    MC Username:poodle5000 Age:12 Any knowledge of the mods in this pack, if yes which ones:IC2,thaumcraft,and a bunch of other small parts of other mods Are you mature:yes Have you ever been ban before, if so for what:no Do you understand the rules:yes What do you Plan to do on this server:i plan...