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    Launcher v2 Update!

    Looks like mojang will update to 1.7 before FTB can even update to I bet they make use wait till they get 1.7 working too. Still no news from them in the news area. This company will fail before long.
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    Launcher Update 1.2.7

    That would be great news...IF they would announce it.
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    Launcher Update 1.2.7

    The problem is not lack of 1.6.x mod packs (there are tons out there) the problem is that FTB can not even play 1.6.x vanilla Minecraft so mod even if you had 1 billion mod packs they would do nothing more then take up room on your hard-drive. Starting to look like FTB well be the last of the...
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    End game Map? Just noticed that he has map download links...
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    End game Map?

    There are few and hard to find man. Off the top of my head there is two in the third party maps area and direwolf20 post some of his builds. I wish there was more.
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    FTB & 1.6.4

    I can wait as long as it takes for the new launcher but it is the lack of information that is a shame...but Herby to the Here is a conversiation I had with a staff member. As you can see I do not think they care if we (the customers) get information or not because the expect...
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    FTB Store. Looking for input on what people want.

    If I paid money for a flash card would be the same old launcher we are still using or would it be the new launcher?
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    Adjustments to the website over the next couple of days (experimenting with ads.)

    I do not see even one add this is great. Till I the launcher is setup were we can play 1.6.x games then this site stays on my adblocker list.
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    FTB T-Shirts etc now available.

    Like this but with FTB logos and all...
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    FTB T-Shirts etc now available.

    I would love a FTB 1.6 Steve doll, since I can not play with FTB 1.6 Steve in Game still we could use the doll to pretend we are playing FTB
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    Why Minecraft Is Bad For Kids

    Yeah I am sure that it was because the kid plays minecraft and not the fact that the mans a piss poor father... EDIT: BTW love the name man.
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    Why Minecraft Is Bad For Kids

    I would have given credit to the kid for thinking outside the "cube" and due to the fact that the question does not state that it needed to be a physical door you had to make.
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    FTB Sponsorships

    That is great news and just 3.5 hours shy of 4 months since the last launcher v2 Are you all planing on updating the 3 packs from 1.5.2 or making new ones?
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    Which mod changes the sky height?

    I did not know that there was a difference in the fly cap and build cap...Thanks for clearing that up for me Riuga.
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    Which mod changes the sky height?

    I (unlike others) will try to give you some helpfull information. As far as I know there is not any mod for 1.5.x that changes the world height from the default of 256 blocks (if memory serves me right now). I to have found a large loss of FPS in 1.5.x. For my I lost around 15-20fps but if I so...
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    Launcher Update 1.2.7

    For most people nothing really, they just changed some of the back-end mechanics getting ready for the new launcher version 2. The real question is how will come out with the next update Mojang with Minecraft 1.7.0 or FTB with
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    Launcher Update 1.2.7

    Sorry its not working for you mrAZman34 but if you do not post the crash report then the FTB team has no idea what went wrong for you man. I just tested unhinged again and I played it for 60 seconds without error on my side, so please post that log file.
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    Launcher Update 1.2.7

    Re-downloaded all three of the main 1.5.2 mod packs (took about 12 secs for unhinged) and I did not have any problems. Good job thus far guys.
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    Request Suggest mods for creation here

    That is the best thing about programming...just because you do not know how to do it does not mean it could not be done...somethings just take more skill and time.
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    More news about FTB's Future. (Important announcement)

    That sounds great...I just did not like the idea of time being spent else where when the launcher is so important. You make it sound like I am in the wrong for posting my ideas like you asked.