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  1. J

    Can we get a sticky for Mystcraft Stable Mining and Lava ages?

    Try searching the FTB Reddit, I'm sure you'll find something there.
  2. J

    Should I keep Factorization?

    You shouldn't. IMO, excluding barrels and wrath lamps, I find little use out of Factorization. I prefer to use other mods that can replicate near enough what this mod can do. Before anyone jumps down my throat, it's just my personal opinion.
  3. J

    Efficient Spawner Design with Iron Spikes

    Looks very effective, I like it. May just have to try this myself!
  4. J

    Linking Books Mystcraft 1.5.2

    You might want to give the NEI Mystcraft Plugin a try as it includes the ink mixer recipes.
  5. J

    [1.5.2] NumiRP

    But I think the volcanoes were rather useful as a source of lava early on pre-nether.
  6. J

    [1.5.2] NumiRP

    Great work, I'm very grateful for this.
  7. J

    ID Conflicts

    Although manually configuring IDs can be a headache, I would recommend it over ID Resolver. ID Resolver - at least in my experience, seems to cause more problems than it actually solves.
  8. J

    barrels & pipes?

    I see no reason as to why it shouldn't work. As; logistics pipes can interact with the barrels correctly, regardless of the side they are connected to. Be it inserting or extracting. That's why I love using logistics pipes with barrels - barrels are already very handy, but coupled with the...
  9. J

    barrels & pipes?

    Provider pipes will work on (I believe) any side of a barrel. The back definitely works, as I have done so myself.
  10. J

    Myrathi's Mod Compendium

    I apologise if this is a stupid question, but I tried to find information on your "Flat Signs" mod - but to no avail. So I was just curious, what is the mod about? (I'm assuming quite literally, flat signs)
  11. J

    What mod(s) to use for a simple sorting system

    Well, direwolf20 recently did one! Here and then here.
  12. J

    Automatic Spawner

    Could you post any screenshots of how your farm is set up? Might help with identifying the problem.
  13. J

    XP Farm question

    This is the one where he initially builds the farm (using Blazes). Here is where he modifies the farm to not just collect Blaze Rods but to also collect experience. Then in this video, he swaps out the Brain in a Jar for a turtle, which can hold a considerably larger amount of experience. He...
  14. J

    XP Farm question

    You should have a look at DireWolf20's