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    [1.7.10] Regrowth - A WIP HQM pack - Now Listed!

    Endoflame and Munchdew for the win! 4 Endoflame munching coal blocks and a Munchdew taking all but the bottom 2 tiers of leaves from my tree farm generates enough mana for me to make terrasteel at a decent pace plus open alfheim portal without deficit. Passive flowers are great to start and the...
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    [1.7.10] Regrowth - A WIP HQM pack - Now Listed!

    You don't need the TiC faucet to move molten metals to casting table/casting basin/ingot caster/etc, you can use any form of liquid transport (BC pipes) to pull from the TiC drains. The normal rules for casting apply (no mixing metals, won't work with invalid casts, etc) but it's faster than the...
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    [1.7.10] Regrowth - A WIP HQM pack - Now Listed!

    Yes. Eggs can (and will) lead to chickens. You may want to have a small pen/holding area for them so you can automate harvesting their drops... rather than having to chase them everywhere (and then having them kill themselves due to silly animal AI)
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    Solved FTB Infinity server causing timeouts after 1 hour of play but doesnt crash

    Which mod was it? Seeing a similar issue and having trouble pinning down which mod is causing it...
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    Time for me to actually learn Java.

    I picked up Java the same way I pick everything else up... deciding I wanted to do something in the language and learning as needed. Of course, the smarter way is Youtube :). As others have said, VSWE's series is excellent but I would also recommend starting out with TheNewBoston's Java...
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    Please make a "How To" for this section

    Yes. Refer to the spreadsheet here (also linked in the big post stickied to the top of this sub-forum labeled "Outline and intentions of 3rd party mod packs"... subtle hint, you should probably read that. Seriously.) for which mods you need to secure permissions for as well as various...
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    Problem [WARNING] Can't keep up! (Lag Galore)

    yeah, .sh is for *nix machines... you want .bat (or. command works). I'd also throw in (at the minimum) -d64 -server -XX:PermSize=128M Of course, you'll want to make sure you have the 64-bit version of java installed before running that. Those flags force 64-bit mode, the server VM (which...
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    Modular Powersuite - Armor set

    We're running Ultimate 1.0.2 (which I believe is identical to 1.1.0 aside from EnderStorage.... could be very wrong, but hey, it's life) Setting vanilla and GT recipes off and turning thermal expansion recipes on worked... server-side. Clients had to update their mmmPowerSuits.cfg in order to...
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    Problem Server hosting

    Running any service that is exposed (http, imap, minecraft, etc) as root is bad because if the service becomes comprimised (which happens) the attacker now has easy root access to your system. That is a very bad thing. If you read through the guide like you said you did tgere is a part where he...
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    Problem How To Auto Save the World Like in HermitCraft/ForgeCraft2 [ULTIMATE]

    It looks like Forgecraft 2 is using MCMyAdmin (that's the style that particular software broadcasts it's saves with; it can be configured from within the control panel for it as well as it's config files). Super easy way is like Jared39 has said which is using MCPC+ (Legacy build for 1.4.7)...
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    transferring hosts

    Short answer: Probably. Depending on what the new host runs for a control panel, you most probably can do that... worst case scenario you may have to rename the server jar file so it works with whatever they're running. And no, Luke_H isn't trolling you. CreeperHost is usually pretty easy to...
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    Problem Server hosting

    Like others have said, your server isn't crashing... you're running as root (a "bad thing" btw) in a SSH session; when PuTTY closes or loses connection, it will close the session and all running processes... including your minecraft server. As UnionCraft has said, install screen, but run it...
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    Server admin

    Congratulations on making a new server... here's some resources you may want to read.... [Tutorial] Server Rules, the right way (awesome tutorial on setting and sticking to rules) Paypal, Money, and Minecraft Servers (good overview on how to get players pay and not get bitten by PayPal or Google...
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    creeperhost questions

    Quick word and a quick disclaimer: We are no longer with CreeperHost, however, it is not because of any service issues or support problems. Contrary, we had a great customer service experience with CH. Overall, CH is a great option for beginning an FTB server. While we were with CH we had...
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    Problem Disabling Voxel's Nametags? (disables cave + radar on VoxelMap) For the nameplates, just remove VoxelPlayer from the server, that should remove them. Or you could press F9 and disable your own nameplate from showing... that works too.
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    FTB Server Crashing [SEVERE] Encountered an unexpected exception NullPointerException

    Crash report and server log please. Offhand I'd recommend deleting forcedchunks.dat in the /world folder. Forge will recreate it.
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    Does Portal Gun Mod Really Crash Servers?

    Shooting a portal to the moon refers to a moment in Portal 2 (no spoilers though... fun game to play and worth it imo). In FTB, shooting a portal at the moon will cause a gravity well on the terrestrial end that eats blocks and players... players end up high above the Overworld and plummet down...
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    {FIXED} Hacked Account / Better Passwords.

    Wait, more Steam friends I can corrupt with TF2 and CS? Oh noes ;)
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    Deleting MystCraft Ages? Keep coming back.

    No need to delete the player.dat, just edit it with NBTEdit or a similar NBT editor. Always make a backup of the orignal .dat file (although honestly you'd have to delete it anyway if this didn't work ;)) Edit the "Dimension" entry so it's set to the correct Dimension number (-1 for Nether, 0...
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    {FIXED} Hacked Account / Better Passwords.

    Check your PM box. And before anyone begs/asks, I only did it because I had it already. I don't give out free copies everyday or anything.... now Steam games, I have quite a few spares of those.