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    Whitelist Server FTBUnleashed [v1.13] TMCraft² Dedicated Community Server [Whitelisted]

    Minecraft Name: Jycool Age&Location: 16 in the US of A Have you ever been banned from a server: Unless I've just started sleepgreifing in my sleep than no. Why would you like to play TMCraft: It just doesn't feel right playing on FTB without Mutiplayer.
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    Whitelist Server [FTB] ChillCraft Survival Feed The Beast Unleashed

    IGN: Jycool Age: 16 Experience: I've been playing for about a year and been playing with mods for about 9 months. What you're looking for in a server: A nice fun community on a server without lag.
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    Whitelist Server Joe-Craft | FTB Ultimate(recommended) | 25 Slots | Whitelist

    1.IGN:Jycool 2.Age:16 3.Do you have Skype and a mic? I'm not going to use it. 4.What can you offer? Help with crafting and building. 5.Are you planning to use computercraft? I don't have any plans yet to do anything with it.
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    Whitelist Server GMaxLive Feed The Beast Server [Survival]

    I'm sorry but do all we have to is write our IGN? (Jycool) Also, what's the Gregtech configs?
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    Epic Fail stories

    Hi. Here's a tip for you. When you are testing the containment force field, be careful of where you are standing before you supply the projector with a redstone signal.
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    Epic Fail stories

    Let's just say that when a wither spawn explodes, it can go through a 1x1 hole.
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    Whitelist Server FeedTheUltimates|UltimateFTB Pack 1.0.1|Whitelist|20slots APPLICATIONS ARE CLOSED!

    Jycool #What are your favourite mods? AC and GT #Ever been banned from a Server? If so why? Nopes #How often will we see you around and around which times? (keep it general amount of hours) Around 4-7 pm EST #What do you intend to build once you are on the server? An awesome base. #Do you...
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    Whitelist Server The Construct Reloaded * Ultimate / Custom | Smaller Community | Dedicated | 16+ | Adult Staff

    IGN:Jycool Age:16 Country: USA Have you ever been banned from a server before?: (if so how?) Nope Experience with mods?: I started with tekkit during the 2.5 era Will you use TS3?: Honestly, no. Answer to the secret question?: A quortor of a rose misked with an indigo flower. Do you know someone...
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    Whitelist Server KappaCraft|Ultimate|Whitelist|Mining Age|

    IGN:Jycool Country:USA Have you ever been banned from a server before?: (if so how?) Nope Experience with mods?: I'm good with all of the mods that aren't new exept for CC. Will you use TS If we get one?:Not really. Do you know someone on our server? (if so, who?): Nope. Any additional...
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    Whitelist Server Feed The Beast Ultimate Pack, Great Community, 50 Slot Server

    IGN:Jycool Age (Over 16 REQUIRED):16 Ever been banned? If yes explain:Nopes Personality (Outgoing or Quite):Quite
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    Epic Fail stories

    Now this is not what happened to me but someone else on a server that I was on. Also it's only meh funny. These two people where outside their base when an angry zombie decided to come in. The visitor managed to kill them and take their armor. Also, the tooken armor had thorns on it so that...
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    Name: Jeffrey Minecraft Name: Jycool Age:16 Location:NYC Timezone:-5:00 Minecraft Experience: I started Minecraft in the middle of 1.2.5 Are you streamer or Youtube series creator? Nope Why would you like to join? I wana be part of a community. Have you followed the Twitter: @ThatDorkyGuy? Yep
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    Whitelist Server CommunityCraft [16+] [Friendly] [BRANDNEW]

    1) Minecraft username? Jycool 2) Why do you want to play on our server? I want to be able to play on a good server. 3) What can you contribute to our server? I can help with the community resources a lot. 4) How old are you? 16 5) Do you accept the rules? Yes 6) Did anyone recommend you for...
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    Epic Fail stories

    As I said earlyer, guess who thought you could only get theories from the curicable and spent so many resources trying to get a theroie and alas, only magic tawows.
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    Casual Server Looking for 1-2 others for small mindcrack server

    I guess it sounds fun... I guess.
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    Whitelist Server The Gravel Pit 24/7 - 20player - Low pop/friendly - Mature - TS3 - 8.1.1

    IGN: Jycool Reason for joining: Wanna join a non-banning item server.
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    Epic Fail stories

    Oh sorry. Misread what you posted. Also guess who thought you needed to find therioes from the cruicable?
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    Epic Fail stories

    No. I wanted to make a bigger basement so I wanted to use a filler to quickly empty the area. And Guess what happened.
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    Epic Fail stories

    Hey kids. Did you know that even if you make a 3d outline for a filter, if you have floor clear (3 bricks 3 glass) it will go above and beyond the limits? I found that out while trying to make more room for a basement. Under my home. Yeah...