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    Pumping Steam to Big Reactors' Turbines

    I used Fluiducts but in order to move the 1440 mB of seem my two boiler generated, I had to create four fluid import ports on the turbine. Either each import or each Fluiduct was limited to 360mb of steam per connection (I think this is the same number seen in the clip above). Not sure if...
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    Applied Energistics and Logistic pipes comparission opinions.

    I have broken it before, LP liquid pipes will "buffer" a rather impressive amount of liquid in the pipe itself if the machine is already full of an item. Generally speaking this kind of oversubscription of the machine will break your second craft unless you have the satellite pipe connected to...
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    Trouble getting Oily Bees

    On the Gendustry front, I have used it extensively in my single player 1.6 world and the Mutator does seem a bit cheaty but its power costs are HUGE. So far I have only used it for those one off species that force me to run to a random biome to breed. I always mean to create fully functional...
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    Applied Energistics (AE)

    interesting concept...I will have to see if I can design a self powering down AE system. I can do it with Gates and LP crafting pipes... Trivially with a pressure plate but I want to use the wireless remote...
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    connecting multiple AE networks

    I have almost exactly that setup 1 crafting network, 1 storage network, 1 production network, and a separate network just for my bees. I use Logistics pipes as the connective tissue between the various networks and then each network can access parts of the others. This isn't fool proof and it...
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    AE Automation and Modpack Migration

    As you are using Monster, You also have access to Logistics pipes which have satellite pipes and Fluid pipes. using this as a base, I can use a single Fluid transposer and I am able to craft every type of fluid bucket, cell, can, etc,etc. Plus I can use that same setup to craft my redstone...
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    Minecraft Darwin Awards 2014

    Same here only I did it in the End. My brother and I had setup a mystcraft portal location off the main landmass, We returned to bass to arm up to take the dragon so I dropped off my nano suit and jet pack to top off to full. I arm up to tackle the dragon portal, portal through to the end...
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    Applied Energistics and Logistics Pipes

    I have that very setup working now in my world. Setup AE and place an interface down with a basic logistics pipe or Item sync module set to default route ( You can also use a polymorphic item sync module ). Attach a provider pipe and the LP system will see all the items in your AE network...
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    Using Logitics Pipes to autocraft dusts with Pulverizer

    Only reason that would be the case if the pipe network wasn't powered from some reason...
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    Using Logitics Pipes to autocraft dusts with Pulverizer

    Easiest solution is to put a basic pipe( connected to your pipe network of course) on the side of the machine configured to eject the material. On machines that don't autoeject, you have to setup a chassis pipe with an extractor to pull the items out.
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    Getting started with Bees (Extra Bees & Gendustry)

    I am a pretty heavy bee breeder and have done some fantastic automation with Extra bee's (amazing what can be accomplished with gates) but I am pretty excited to try out the templates. Also a huge wall of industrial apiary's filled with rock loving bees does give me a bit of inspiration.
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    Make logistics pipes use applied energistics crafting

    heavy LP and AE user here and this is the feature I have been monitoring both sites for quite a while. The ability AE has to craft from LP solves move of the problems thankfully. I end up with a bunch of low level crafting items off LP and then most final tier crafting off AE. If AE had...
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    Why isn't Monster getting attention?

    I just picked up Monster a few days ago myself to test out the new mods. That being said, Big mod packs with dozens of new mods can be quite intimidating. I have chests full of items I have never seen before and I have no idea how to use them. Personally I find that discovery process quite...
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    Your favorite way of mining manually

    With the latest mod packs, My brother and I have gotten quite used to using Ars Magica 2's Dig spell. Just a simple Projectile dig for me but my brother has this monstrous Beam, AOE, Dig spell he likes to use to strip mine whole areas. I keep a TiC Mossy, Fortune enchanted pick just incase I...
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    How do you build your bases?

    I personally have a strong preference for building into a the side of a small mountain. Much easier to mine/dig out the floors I need and I really like the look as my base slowly erupts and then eventually the mountain disappears entirely.
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    How would I slow game progression down?

    Interesting Ideas here.. I have been thinking about the following to help extend gameplay: 1. Remove the ability for water source block to create new source blocks (greg had one on his website I believe) . Boilers would be interesting if you had to source the water first. 2. Only...
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    Barrel Wall with Logistics Supplier and Sorting

    If you are connecting from the back you need both. I had all sorts of problems until I placed both the provider and polymorphic modules in the same positions and the two sneaky upgrades in the same order. when I get home I will double check to see 1) if order mattered and 2) what that order was.
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    Moving main base in a mystcraft void age

    I am thinking about setup a giant dome and Twilight forest has charms that save inventory on death...I am thinking about investing :-). Anyone else?
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    Moving main base in a mystcraft void age

    All, I have been thinking about moving my overworld base to a mystcraft void age. partially for the fun of making a new base (spaceship theme!). One of the benefits would be the opportunity to recreate the base in a way to generate less lag and I have a few questions on that front. 1. Does...
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    Ore generation between mods

    I have been running a custom set of mods (that I have been updating myself since 1.3.2) that manages to match the Mindcraft version of FTB quite directly. Ore Gen has been a concern of mine and I would also like any information that is available about this custom Gen the mod is using.