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    Curse Voice Beta Keys

    17a66f43-5a57-46f5-ac3e-589bb0d07621 41ec596d-e83a-4334-bbb7-406eb0c1bc27 f931e8da-fe56-4f20-af53-cf27f08b2f96 2efc30f5-8cbf-4d9b-b004-d2156866be5d 377496ec-4d2c-45bb-afa0-daacc1b15961 No idea how I'm going to test this, but it's good to have another voice option.
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    Pax East 2014 Challenge Map

    So I've been running the map quite a few times now, but now whenever I try to play it, I get massive lag spikes every now and then, and then a "failed to record time" error, making it impossible to actually play and get a decent flow with. Any idea why?
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    Pax East Tournament Poll *Please read if you are coming to Pax East*

    Made an account just to vote. I'm only going to be there Saturday, probably not in the evening but if possible I could stay for it. I'd like nothing more than to take part and meet some of the people involved in making the pack