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    Whitelist Server KingdomKraft[24/7][White-listed][Dedicated][MindCrack]

    Player name: Jarroman1030 - Do you agree to the rules(yes or no): Yes - Other info: i have a lot of experience with feed the beast and love working with most people and would love to have a new server to work on
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    Whitelist Server RE-OPENED ~SQUirrellCraft~ 1.6.4 Monster-Modified | 32G RAM |Dedicated|Community Based| 。◕‿‿◕。

    also :) just really want to play on the updated ftb and the fact many of my old friends from the old server are there makes it all the better hope I'm accepted
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    Whitelist Server RE-OPENED ~SQUirrellCraft~ 1.6.4 Monster-Modified | 32G RAM |Dedicated|Community Based| 。◕‿‿◕。

    In Game Name: jerroman1030 Age: 16 Banned Before: never Experience with modded MC: I've had a lot of experience with ftb as a whole in both a preivious server and knowing a lot about the mods iv come to know all most of the mods and how they work Goals on Server: to create a base able to...
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    Whitelist Server [CLOSED]Minecraft Maniac FTB Server[Friendly][Mindcrack][Dedicated24/7][Whitelist][NightlyBackups]

    Age: 16 Name (Optional): jacob In-Game Name: jarroman Location: Canada Hobbies/Interests: gaming tennis guitar Have you ever been banned from another server? If so which one(s) and why? (We check your ban history): don't think so What experience with FTB do you have?:I am very experienced and...
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    Whitelist Server CommunityCraft [16+] [Friendly] [BRANDNEW]

    1) Minecraft username: jarroman1030 2) Why do you want to play on our server: im looking for my first online community 3) What can you contribute to our server: I know a lot about ftb and am a relatively skilled builder also I Love working on community projects. 4) How old are you:16 5) Do...
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    Whitelist Server MCDC Server|Mindcrack|Whitelist|24/7 Mindcrack inspired (application).

    IGN jarroman1030 Skype Jacob gaba Age 16 Reason: I fell in love with the Mindcrack ftb pack after Minecraft got boring for me and since then I have been playing on single player worlds. Now I'm looking for a good community to start up in. :) while I know a lot about the FTB pack I don't know...
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    Whitelist Server Mindblow || Mindcrack 8.3.2 || Whitelist || No grief || No banned items || KeepInv on death!

    IGN:jerroman1030 Why do you want to join: looking for my first FTB server and my first real online community I can join Are you experienced with FTB: Very I know next to everything about majority of the mods on ftb and have a number of offline worlds I play Would you join TeamSpeak: I already...
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    Whitelist Server RageQuitGaming Server Application - Fast Server - Great Community

    Name (in game or if you want in real life as well): jerroman1030 (Jacob) Age: 16 Time Zone: PST (Toronto) Amount of time playing Minecraft: about 3-4 years Amount of time playing FTB: about 1 year What do you like to build/your style: varying and typically built to look cool rather then...