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    Open Cresote oil bottle dupe bug

    Reported here -
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    [MC 1.7.10] New World Mod-Pack [v0.0.7]

    We remade the pack for 1.7 mod for mod, but it was just another jumble of mods, just another tech pack, without Millonaire.
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    [MC 1.7.10] New World Mod-Pack [v0.0.7]

    I think he passed it to someone.
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    [MC 1.7.10] New World Mod-Pack [v0.0.7]

    Despite our best efforts they never fixed Millenaire for 1.7, someone is updating it closed source to 1.8ish but that has been vaporware so far.
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    [1.7.10] [Curse] Sky Kour [0.9.7] A Hardcore Skygrid/Tech Based Modpack!

    We have been hosting Minecraft servers for years, and our staff are all very well known members of our community, we don't accept outside people as staff. All of our staff members have been selected because they are tremendous people, and serve our players. I founded the network many years ago...
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    [1.7.10] [Curse] Sky Kour [0.9.7] A Hardcore Skygrid/Tech Based Modpack!

    The server is now up! Randomspawn within 40k of spawn. To join you will need to join the hub and go through the greylist process for our network.
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    [1.7.10] [Curse] Sky Kour [0.9.7] A Hardcore Skygrid/Tech Based Modpack!

    Working on that now, I have been looking forward to a modded skygrid for a long time. We used to run a vanilla skygrid server years ago, I did a video series on it.
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    1.0.0: Mini Bosses mod is over a year behind in versions

    Version: 1.0.0 What is the bug: We are having a major issue with the Mini Bosses mod, it produces mass amounts of mobs, over 200,000 mobs at times. This was fixed in version 1.2.8 which was released August 2015. These mobs also do not...
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    Open 1.1.0: ForbiddenMagic.cfg should these not be false?

    Version: 1.1.0 What is the bug: It prolly won't affect anything at all, but I was wondering if these should be false. # Disable if you don't want Forbidden Magic to add EMC values to items. B:"Equivalent Exchange 3 EMC"=true B:"Special Mobs Interaction"=true B:"Twilight...
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    Aura Cascade log spam

    I was having this as well, thank you. It is worth noting, if you have openeye mod with snooper disabled openeye will not send in crash reports.
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    Open 2.3.3: 2.3.5 - Unable to craft beegonia

    Version: 2.3.3 What is the bug: One of the items it asks for is fire. Mod & Version: log: Can it be repeated: Yes Known Fix:
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    Blood N Bones [Hardcore Survival]

    Unfortunately someone made the decision to wipe most of the third party packs from the launcher, you have to add them back manually- the pack code for the 1.6 Blood and bones is - Pack Code: BloodNBones I did prefer the old way- if a pack was deemed worthy it got listed, helped sort the good...
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    KingCraft: The Rising of a Monarch: Information and Tutorial

    ok, final reports before I move on. 1. The audio for the questbook intro was recorded in mono, so it only plays on one side, you could remix that into stereo or record in stereo. 2. The starting inventory for the server does not give players the TROAM Map Pass so you can't start the questbook...
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    KingCraft: The Rising of a Monarch: Information and Tutorial

    I had the same issue where I could not eat, or open the quest book, once I resolved the problem with hqm, I was able to open the quest book and eat by disabling applecore, spice of life and hunger overhaul(I have no love for those mods anyhow). The castle isn't devoid of life for me, its a...
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    KingCraft: The Rising of a Monarch: Information and Tutorial

    Then on reload the quest book will not open again when connected to the server. Also the hunger when running is extreme, when running your meatpops drop to half after a few seconds. I got a client crash which I reported here-
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    KingCraft: The Rising of a Monarch: Information and Tutorial

    The server quests didn't work till I copied the quests over from the client.
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    KingCraft: The Rising of a Monarch: Information and Tutorial

    Its not in the pack....its on your server! :) Your official server is refusing connections because the client doesn't have it. Also the recommended client has B:UseEditor=true therefore players are unable to open the quest book.
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    KingCraft: The Rising of a Monarch: Information and Tutorial

    Terrafirmacraft is required by the official server but not included in the pack? I am prepping to host this pack as a group and record a series for my channel
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    Request Download server link closing browser tab- please no...

    I use the launcher to get the download link for the server files that I then use to paste into the console and use wget to download directly to the server, please don't autoclose the tab, then I can't copy the download link. current behavior- click on download server, pick a location(or cancel)...
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    Request MCPC+, Cauldron, Bukkit, Spigot?

    Yes kcauldon is great it took up where cauldron left off.