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    Is Using A Centralized Power Grid A Good Idea

    Seems like a no brainer to me.
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    Thaumcraft node manipulation - what?

    If you add the mod torcherino to your pack, you can speed up node bullying 4x and make some big nodes that way too. Its possible to have a node feed off of another node forever without damaging it if you speed up the bullied one x4 and the bully x3
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    Thaumcraft node manipulation - what?

    I always make two wands so one is always on the table fully charged, even if my node is very small. For a gadget that uses a specific type of centi vis, I would consider finding another node just for that.
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    Remove taint in Thaumcraft

    When I first saw it, I thought taint was a big deal...but with time I learned that its pretty much a non issue so my advice is not to worry about it. But for the record, its the pure nodes that sometimes spawn inside silverwood trees that purify tainted land, not the trees themselves.
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    Disabling Non-essential Mods

    Usually removing mods after you create a world doesnt cause any major problems and you can just skip through the error message about missing objects after loading the game but maybe Hats is different, might need to start a new world for that. In my experience, biome mods have a bigger impact on...
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    Epidemia's build journal

    Actually, theres none of Reika's mods in there. I was interested in using Chromaticraft but I cant get the pylons to retrogen into the Eldaria map I am using.
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    rhn's continued adventures: a build journal, guide collection etc.

    Looking forward to seeing what you are going to do with that village.
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    Epidemia's build journal

    Thank you for the kind words. I think most of the mods I use other than Magneticraft are part of Infinity.
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    Do you struggle with "convenience" cheating?

    Even though I know cheating in items demotivates me from playing at all, I can hardly resist the temptation to cheat in a decent tool and boots of the traveller without having to jump through a ton of hoops. which is why I started making my own less frustrating custom recipes so I dont even feel...
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    rhn's continued adventures: a build journal, guide collection etc.

    Amazingly intricate. I hope I can build roads that flow so naturally with the landscape in my current world.
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    Epidemia's build journal

    I tried your collapsible block advice on my porch roof I just couldnt get the damn things to cooperate. But the trick worked out much better on the overhang of the smithy.
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    Epidemia's build journal

    Played for a few hours again today, made some progress. Heres a few different angles of my farms. So far they are all mostly manual although I have golems doing the replanting on a few of them: Built an island in the center of this pond/lake thingy for my infusion altar. Its 100 percent...
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    MineTweaker/ModTweaker - A help and suggestions thread.

    Ive noticed that you can successfully remove "mekanism shaped" recipes for everything but the machines, such as upgrades.
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    Export busses into a chest and import into the second system maybe?
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    MineTweaker/ModTweaker - A help and suggestions thread.

    Ive changed how metal blocks are made in my pack as well. anyway, try this: recipes.remove(<ore:blockTin>);
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    Would you rather play a 1.8.9 modpack or a 1.7.10 modpack?

    1.7.10 definitely. I could have stuck with 1.6.4 if not for AE2 and certain changes in Thaumcraft. 1.8.9 offers me nothing revolutionary.
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    If you was forced to play vanilla and only 1 other mod...

    Thaumcraft. Its one of the few mods that has a little bit of all the quality of life improvements I couldnt play without such as fast walking/step assist, easy tree chopping, automation, item sorting, flight and choosing your own enchantments.
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    Epidemia's build journal

    Yeah the map has many rivers that often start out as lakes high up in the mountains and other features you just wont ever get in a randomly generated world. I chose it because its varied and always interesting landscape offers many, many places worthy of a good build and I like the idea of...
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    Epidemia's build journal

    Hey guys, I've been playing Minecraft again for a week or two and have some stuff to show you. I am playing on the custom map "Eldaria Islands" which I did once before back with 1.6.4, using my own personal modpack with some recipe tweaks. Now, on to the pics. Heres my current base of...
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    Bug all imgur images on forum have broken

    seems to be working now