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    What is with my client randomly shutting down?

    It has installed the Vista version of Java, uninstall it and download the W7 version from here:
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    [Monster 1.0.3]End of Stream the moment i join this server...

    The chunk you are in is sending a lot of packets to your client which is overwhelming your bandwidth and closing the connection, you need to somehow get out of that chunk. Also, try temporarily disabling firewalls before logging in.
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    Windows .exe The never-seen-before problem...

    Me and a couple friends had a chat about this, can I ask you to try this to completely remove all versions of Java:
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    Windows .exe Wierd "Lag" Problem

    I didn't use Rei's, I used Zan's. I use an older version of the Monster pack (1.0.1) with Metallurgy and KeithyUtils added. I had heavy use of IC2, Thermal Expansion and RotaryCraft. So something must be causing it because a map reset with no change to server files worked.
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    Windows .exe Wierd "Lag" Problem

    I have had this same problem on my server. A map reset fixed it. I will see if I can find the client error I was getting.
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    Yeah, you added XyCraft, which is currently only for 1.4.7
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    FTB Direwolf20 Thermal Expansion

    It is still a good power supply, just use steam dynamos or magmatic dynamos, the easiest to power is the magmatic dynamo.
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    FTB Direwolf20 Thermal Expansion

    Thermal Expansion power systems have changed, thermal expansion uses a new power type called RF, to get RF, you have to use a Dynamo of some sort. MJ will no longer transfer through conduits either. Conduits will convert to MJ automatically though but only when sending power to machines, not...
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    1.6.4 Packs don't work

    Same problem as before. Just do what you did to fix it.
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    Windows .exe Crash Device not closed?

    Try deleting Code Chicked Lib, in the mods folder, should be in a folder called 1.6.4
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    I crash on server join!

    It is a mod used to see what is causing lag on servers.
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    FTB Won't launch!
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    I crash on server join!

    Disable Opis and then try logging in.
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    I crash on server join!

    Logs please...
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    Ftb 1.6.4 Packs crashing (closing)

    It is preferring it in his console, so that is not the problem...
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    Server lags but not comp?

    No, it sounds more like a problem that you have a connection prone to packet loss. Is it connected via wifi or ethernet?
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    my game is not loading up

    And it's Vista!
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    Mac Permanent Nausea effect

    Um, it sounds like you are in a Mystcraft age, or someone has a sonic weapon from RotaryCraft nearby. Have you tried drinking milk with a straw?
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    Server Crashes upon start - Direwolf 1.6.4 l V1.0.9

    DON'T BUMP. It is against forum rules. It also makes you look extremely impatient. Now. Redownload the server files didn't work? Did you delete ALL mods, libraries and configs? And then copy the new ones across? Otherwise, did you try deleting any world files?
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    Windows .exe My Feed The Beast crashes during the mojang screen on all the mod packs.

    It looks like a texture has misloaded... I am gonna need to have you try this guide: