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  1. GamerwithnoGame

    Good vs. Evil

    59. Right? I was actually looking for info about something and there was a post on here and I thought “Why not?” I’m playing a 1.7.10 modpack, and I’ve never used that version of Blood Magic’s incense crucibles before, so I was wondering about how the bonus to LP provided by those interact...
  2. GamerwithnoGame

    The NecroGame!

    Time for some true thread necromancy :D Topic! An oldie but a goodie - missed mods. I really miss Witchery, and Thaumcraft 4! How about you all?
  3. GamerwithnoGame

    Good vs. Evil

    61. It’s been a couple of years, but why not
  4. GamerwithnoGame

    Regrowth coming back?

    I’m a huge fan of Regrowth myself! :) Unfortunately no-one is working on exactly the same thing, but there are many mods that bear a similarity to the mods back then, that could work for creating a new version. Unfortunately there’s a couple of key mods - namely, Witchery and Thaumcraft 4, that...
  5. GamerwithnoGame

    Agricraft for MC 1.16+ for Newbies (A Reference for the Rest Of Us!)

    Holy moly I didn’t even know this existed! Sorry I missed this @ShneekeyTheLost, this guide is great!
  6. GamerwithnoGame

    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    Unfortunately, as far as I can tell so far, there is no way to disable the double-tap sprinting in this version of Minecraft (Java).
  7. GamerwithnoGame

    Power won't transfer between anything

    Just for the sake of anyone else having any difficulties: were you able to work out what was going wrong? Also, could you describe the problem in a bit more detail, i.e. which generators, batteries and objects you mean, and how you were trying to transfer the power?
  8. GamerwithnoGame

    Survivors: GregTech New Horizons multiplayer

    Thank you, that's very kind! I'm sorry my posts have been a bit slow, I've not had chance to play much, But I've been capturing screenshots when I do, hopefully I'll have something interesting to post about soon! -----------
  9. GamerwithnoGame

    Survivors: GregTech New Horizons multiplayer

    I still haven't seen the mysterious survivor who - as I've recently noticed - signs his missives "LP", but I have certainly felt his presence. His latest request came with a simple instruction, to make a space for a large charcoal pit. Or, to put it succinctly: Diggy Diggy Hole. I can...
  10. GamerwithnoGame

    Survivors: GregTech New Horizons multiplayer

    Author's Note: Sorry for the lack of updates! It's been a busy time. Hopefully I'll get back to updating more regularly soon! ---------- The day after my discovery of the strange snow-city, I found this peculiar looking pool of something... unpleasant. I was able to gather that it was...
  11. GamerwithnoGame

    Solved FTB Infinity Evolved Skyblock - "Exception in server tick loop"

    You need to join the FTB discord if you haven't already - there is an infinity-evolved channel in there, which has pins. This link may or may not work for you, depending on if you've joined the FTB discord or not.
  12. GamerwithnoGame

    Problem Direwolf20 pack not loading

    Hi! It looks like your problem is similar to this thread:“prepare-installation”.305525/ Unfortunately I don't think a resolution has been found yet, but I wanted to mention it in case any solution came up in there :)
  13. GamerwithnoGame

    Its a Colourful Life: A Polychromatic World multiplayer

    So I'm not sure if this will be of equal interest as A Polychromatic World, but I've started a thread around playing GregTech New Horizons, if that sounds like something you'd want to have a look at.
  14. GamerwithnoGame

    Survivors: GregTech New Horizons multiplayer

    Sure enough, as I had feared, there were dreadful things lurking in the darkness. With that discovery, came another shocking revelation: This fiendish fiery beast, murderous eyes aglow, slaughtered me where I stood. I died. And moments later... there I stood, once more. Something about...
  15. GamerwithnoGame

    Survivors: GregTech New Horizons multiplayer

    Despite the supplying of meat of dubious origin, my new companion Sora has been a stalwart ally, keeping me informed about the events as experienced so far. Unbeknownst to me, we have another compatriot; this mysterious figure is apparently responsible for the construction of two large ovens...
  16. GamerwithnoGame

    Survivors: GregTech New Horizons multiplayer

    Eventually, I see the dawn approaching. I bid my now erstwhile companion farewell, and set off in the direction of the coordinates. On my travels, I see the remains of what can only be an impact from some large object, and as I crest the rim of the crater and look down, sure enough there it...
  17. GamerwithnoGame

    Survivors: GregTech New Horizons multiplayer

    Preamble: This is my second attempt at a playthrough thread; my first one ended before it had really begun, so I'm hoping this goes a little better! Please forgive the brightness of the first few screenshots - I forgot to switch it from "Moody" to "Bright"! GregTech New Horizons is a very...
  18. GamerwithnoGame

    Its a Colourful Life: A Polychromatic World multiplayer

    And then I didn't, unfortunately :P It was a fun playthrough though. Hmm perhaps I'll do a new thread at some point.