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  1. Jake_Evans

    Problem Loading problem on FTB Client

    Hi @PandazGaming, can you submit a ticket by e-mailing help @ for us? We're trying to get to the bottom of this issue at the moment and any further debug information would be really helpful.
  2. Jake_Evans

    Bug launcher cannot be installed

    Please report issues here (and for the love of everything that is good, provide the logs per the comment).
  3. Jake_Evans

    New FTB Launcher Server Install

    Feel free to develop it. The api is documented. I'm closing this thread as it's just turning into needless conversation. There's an issue tracker for... issues. You're welcome to use it to support the development. Or you know, you could just call it garbage and not help improve it at...
  4. Jake_Evans

    Infinity Evolved Server Keeps Crashing

    Try re-installing it, looks like it may not have downloaded everything.
  5. Jake_Evans

    The new FTBAPP does not Launch

    If you can provide logs on this github issue that would be great;
  6. Jake_Evans

    New FTB Launcher Server Install

    Download it, chmod +x it, run it with --help.
  7. Jake_Evans

    FTB Omnium - server files

    wget -o installer_6_46 chmod +x installer ./installer_6_46
  8. Jake_Evans

    FTB Update. (New launcher + FTB Omnia released.)

    There's an issue tracker if you think something's missing. Feel free to suggest this.
  9. Jake_Evans

    FTB Update. (New launcher + FTB Omnia released.)

    A lot of programs use the appdata folder, and to be frank, it's pretty normal. It's where Apps... put their... data. If the file won't delete, restart your computer. It's obviously locked by something. Download the latest version of the installer (1.0.6) and let us know if that works. For...
  10. Jake_Evans

    Forum Search

    This is working again.
  11. Jake_Evans

    Bug FTB Skyfactory Challenges

    Are you sieving in a regular sieve? You should be getting them.
  12. Jake_Evans

    Problem [Skyfactory Challenges] CMM issue

    Fixed for next version.
  13. Jake_Evans

    FTB Beyond Release

    There's a team of beta testers that have been testing stuff for quite a while now. And tfox works magic on packs anyway so both of those things = :D
  14. Jake_Evans

    FTB Trials: Episode 1 Online Challenge Submissions

    The parkour has a 5-10 minute timer (can't quite remember what it was!), so if don't complete it, a ladder spawns at the end of it so you can continue with the map.
  15. Jake_Evans

    Jampacked II Submission/Judging

    Coming up to 7 hours left, don't forget to submit by then! Check here for the time remaining.
  16. Jake_Evans

    Jampacked II Submission/Judging

    All you need to do is add in your mods/configs and everything else should be done for you :)
  17. Jake_Evans

    Jampacked II Submission/Judging

    We would much prefer complete packs, as that will most likely also be judged on
  18. Jake_Evans

    Project: Oblivion. A WIP HQM Jampacked 2 Modpack (Phew)

    Thanks for participating! We have /r/FTBJampacked if you'd like to post updates on there or just discuss things with other competitors. Have fun making your pack! :)