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  1. diggerjohn99

    Industrial Contraptions - Mechanical Elytra

    How do you work the thing?
  2. diggerjohn99

    FTB Ultimate: Anniversary Edition Release

    Are there any texture packs for this mod pack? I really like this modpack, but I want to improve the texture resolution.
  3. diggerjohn99

    Vanilla+ - Press Release

    How about some kind of minimap for Vanilla+? I tried to put Voxel in with liteloader, I had to delete the entire modpack.
  4. diggerjohn99

    infamy Pack?

    Does anyone know if there is a wiki for Infamy? I can't find on Google (as of 27 June)
  5. diggerjohn99

    32x Faithful 32x32 Pack

    Try it and find out. It is.
  6. diggerjohn99

    32x Faithful 32x32 Pack

    Try allocating more memory to java. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube on how to do it, it might solve your problem.
  7. diggerjohn99

    32x Faithful 32x32 Pack

    Okay, that makes sense!
  8. diggerjohn99

    32x Faithful 32x32 Pack

    Have you tweaked your java settings to dedicate more memory for FTB? I use Faithful because it is easier on my computer than other 32x TPs. Have you used other TPs without issue? It really is just a higher res for the vanilla textures, it shouldn't cause problems like that unless there was...
  9. diggerjohn99

    32x Faithful 32x32 Pack

    1.6 is supposed to eliminate the need for optifine, at least that is what Mojang is saying.
  10. diggerjohn99


    As of yet it seems to be a work in progress. I hope someone will take on that very large task and get it completed soon.
  11. diggerjohn99

    Feed the Doku!

    A few people seem to be working on something that could be a download, details seem vague, though a few have said they will attempt it on this thread. The Doku folks on the MC forum have put up some things for the various mods, but to track them all down is a herculean effort to put it mildly...
  12. diggerjohn99

    32x Faithful 32x32 Pack

    32x IS HD. Why not try starting a new thread? And believe me I'm not on any high horse, I see about every 4th posting on 32x and 16x forums, "If it was 128x. I'd use it.", it gets REALLY old.
  13. diggerjohn99

    32x Faithful 32x32 Pack

    Not everyone has a machine that can run those, and a lot of people like the feel of the original with just a little oomph. I don't understand why people feel the need to harp on 32x textures, they serve a purpose. I have no problem with people using 16x textures, or no tp at all - freedom of...
  14. diggerjohn99

    [32x] Galaxis - The High Tech FTB Texture Pack.

    I am liking what I am seeing. It is refreshing to see someone try something so bold for FTB, and not jut a rehashing of vanilla TPs. Keep going, I am sure this will be big.
  15. diggerjohn99

    [16x] Greatwood FTB More ready for 1.5 and still have 1.4.7!

    I am a faithful 32x user. But I noticed the support Greatwood had on the "What is your favourite texture pack" posting, so I thought I'd give it a try. For a 16x, it is amazing. I am a fan now, and my old computer can chug along that much more easily, and still play FTB in style.
  16. diggerjohn99

    What is your favorite FTB texture pack?

    I go with Faithful 32x. You get the original feel of Minecraft, but with a little boost (it also makes it easier to tell what ores are which than with vanilla).
  17. diggerjohn99

    Feed The Beast - Redpower and 1.5.x

    A like for the sentiment, and for the Dr. Strangelove avatar.
  18. diggerjohn99

    Feed The Beast - Redpower and 1.5.x

    The more rational people are, and it is understandable. But I am also seeing a lot of complaints about the delay itself.
  19. diggerjohn99

    Feed The Beast - Redpower and 1.5.x

    I don't get the complaining either. What we currently have is still pretty damn good. The mods don't work together yet in 1.5. What do you want Slow to do? He thought he had a set time frame for the update, it didn't work out, that is hardly the man's fault. Welcome to life guys, where plans...
  20. diggerjohn99

    Feed The Beast - Redpower and 1.5.x

    I'd just wait for FTB, you know it'll actually work.