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    league of legends

    yeah i agree
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    league of legends

    If you are in need of some music to play league to listen to this cause it is pretty awesome!! :) ... rid&view=1
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    Realm Of the Mad god

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    :hello: I am a teenage Pc gamer. I love RPGs and MMOs I Love what modders have done to Minecraft you made this the £12 pound i paid worth it :) Favorite mods: Redpower, thaumcraft and logistic pipes. The best shows on T.V The big bang theory and fresh prince of bel air, scrubs (old ones...
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    Realm Of the Mad god

    third post in 5 mins on other games but who cares. So this is an MMO and very... frustrating but good to waste time and lots of fun in the godlands :) so check it out here Best tip of the day don't die :)
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    go check it out call game if you want to waste some time check it out here:
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    Starcraft Two WOL and HOTS

    I don't know if there is any Starcraft 2 players here but what do you think about it and the new expansion pack Heart of the swarm. Who do you think got the short end of the stick?
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    league of legends

    I started playing league of legends 2 months ago and i really enjoy to play but... the community is as they would say "noob" :grin: My opinion and I know it is not everyone.