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    Packs with very large/comprehensive questlines

    One of the best modpacks by far with an amazing Quest line and a lot of customization is GregTech: New Horizons. It is heavily Gregified, but absolutely by far the best pack I have ever played. You could play a year and not be end game. Outstanding!
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    December News

    Any chance that Woot can be added to this pack since it has a 1.12.2 version released?
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    Most Efficient 5x5x5 Big Reactor?

    It looked like each of the green enderium squares needed a source to flow straight down like he stated in the description. Does the use of gelid cryotheum make a big difference in this build if all of the layers are filled with source blocks?
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    Most Efficient 5x5x5 Big Reactor?

    Why does this look like it needs 24 Liquid Ender source blocks? How do you figure it is only 9?
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    Reaper enchant

    Can you get a Reaper enchant using a MFR Auto-Enchanter? I have tried several times on my Wyvern Sword, but each level 30 now is ridiculously expensive... afraid to keep going. Maybe I should remove the enchants before re-enchanting to reduce the cost of the new ones?
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    FTB Infinity 1.5.1 Crashing on startup

    Title: FTB Infinity 1.5.1 Crashing on startup Launcher Version: 1.4.8 Modpack: FTB Infinity Modpack Version: 1.5.1 Log Link: Details of the issue: Java crashes on loading the pack right after CoFHCore attempts to load on splash screen.
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    FTB Infinity Release

    Is there a keyboard combo that toggles between fullscreen and windowed? I cannot navigate into the Options > Video Settings > FullScreen mode. Just cannot see the buttons...
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    FTB Infinity Release

    Has anyone loaded the client for this and gotten a weird screen that looks like this (missing buttons and no navigation - just a tiny animated backdrop in the bottom left corner): How do I fix that? (I tried to disable the menuscreen mod to see if it would go away, but...
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    Infinity ore distribution

    How do you get the Ore Spawn level from NEI? Do you press "U" for usage on Tin Ore (as an example)? Or how do you get that info? I can't seem to find it.
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    [1.7.10] The Dark Trilogy [PUBLIC BETA]

    What I am doing for Pearls now (on a very small scale) is I have 2 ender lily seeds. I lived with the slow growth but used a watering can to speed it up somewhat. Once I had a few pearls, I made Ender Cores and planted the Ender Lillies on those. With a watering can, you can water them for...
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    [1.7.10] The Dark Trilogy [PUBLIC BETA]

    That sounds really cool, and likely way beyond my skillset to setup :) It also sounds like you need a lot of ender pearls, which is another resource I am very short on. One of the main reasons I wanted a way to teleport was so that I could go to the end, and then get back without having to...
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    [1.7.10] The Dark Trilogy [PUBLIC BETA]

    Hello everyone - Big fan of this modpack. Kinda crazy though how simple Plastic sheets require Enderium nuggets? WOW! Anyway, quick question about in game navigation. Since Mystcraft is not in here, what would people suggest is the best method for in game teleportation (not using waypoints...