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    Request Botania generating flower for rail users.

    Lets face it, rails aren't usually used for short or long distance transport which is a shame. However, what if you could encourage it by giving a special bonus for making large rail systems. Now material or power rewards don't make much sense... but what about mana. Botania's mana has the...
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    1.0.1: Frame digger causing crash

    Version: 1.0.1 What is the bug: On designing a combined annihilation plain and mining well strip miner, a crash seems to be occurring. I'm not sure what is causing it although it, initially I thought wireless redstone (as I had just upgraded it to be wireless controlled.) However afterwards I...
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    1.0.1: Tool Dynamism tablet fps drop

    Version: 1.0.1 What is the bug: A very small number of tool dynamism tablets can induce a huge fps drop (for me around 10 fps per tablet). Mod & Version: log: Can it be repeated: Known Fix:
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    1.0.1: Crucible of souls vs witches

    Version: 1.0.1 What is the bug: When a crucible of the souls is placed near a witch, the world crashes when opened and continues each time is is opened. Mod & Version: thaumic exploration log: Can it be repeated: constantly repeats...
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    End Game Projects?

    Not sure. Might be in general. What we really need is a means to all these things we can do. What would be good is some sort of RTS mod with the ability to control soldiers of different types (villager mercenaries, robots, vanilla golems or zombies under mystical control. Heck, even put in orc...
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    Magic mod based around astronomica, astrophysics, and tons of other space-related things - A concept

    edit. If your interested, here's a link to my astronomy idea:
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    Magic mod based around astronomica, astrophysics, and tons of other space-related things - A concept

    For a mod i'm working with, I suggested an astronomy mechanic for our sky dimension. Basically different planets crossing different constellations would cause different effects. A special high tier item would enable you to use XP to prolong these effects well past when they had been called in...
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    Witchery on Direwolf mod pack

    Most Witchery material can be gathered by breaking grass. You will need to explore new areas later on to find Coven witches and a few world-gen features but that's about it.
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    The Overworld is Overrated (Nether-Only Picture-through)

    I tested it and it seems it doesn't place water in the nether (I was basing my original idea off of the old ones from redpower which I know allow you to place water in the nether). This means you can't: Have water access without going to the overworld. Irrigate crops. Have safety baths. Create...
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    The Overworld is Overrated (Nether-Only Picture-through)

    Theoretically you could try to get onto the roof of the nether. Not sure how to. Again, with the water. Get a floodgate and you may well be able to get water in the Nether.
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    The Perfect Energy System

    --- Bit of a necro is a big understatement. The correct term sounds like 'bit ton'. Also, I have been planning a basic power system in a mod currently in development Hell. The idea was to transfer heat from lava and flames into furnaces and other machines using pipes. (With 25 lava source...
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    The Overworld is Overrated (Nether-Only Picture-through)

    Use buildcraft floodgates to get water in the nether (use buckets to fill a tank with water and then pump it out). What's more is that you can use this to farm squid.
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    Official FTB seed thread.

    Direwolf20 pack with BOP. A perfect starting world, especially for servers. The villages, witchwood forest, magic forest, snow biome, jungle, swamp, forest and desert means that all biome-supplies are right near the spawn. This is the best spawn I have ever seen. Seed: -786688341
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    Keeping My Essence Pool Full (DW20)

    OH GOD, NOT THE BEES!!!!!! Anyway, you can get a mystcraft world with oceans full of liquid essence. Takes a while to find the page but it's possible. You would want single biome, ocean biome, standard terrain as well as something like charged or scorched surface (to help lower instability and...
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    Mod Suggestions for 1.6

    Dimensional doors. version 1.4.1 A very good early game exploration mod which will make it easier to loot stuff when you start up. What's more is that it can enable really cool base designs...
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    Ideas for Traheremagy [Discussion]

    Some way of filling up essentia carts without them having to stop would be nice. A magic mirror rail (track ending at a magic mirror) would have uses if they allowed cross dimensional transit. However they should be very expensive.
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    Thaumcraft 4 Hungry Node

    Exactly. Even more reason why Horizons should have TT on it.
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    Thaumcraft 4 Hungry Node

    I just placed tons of nodes down till I got a hungry one. @Vazkii. Love the thaumic restorer. Especially useful seeing as you can repair the enchanted chaste's from Bibliocraft. In terms of putting you up with Azanor. Your Robin, he's Batman. I have discredited a number of modpacks due to the...
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    Ideas for Traheremagy [Discussion]

    I forgot about pure nodes healing tainted lands. That would be a very good use. Minecart+hungry chest would also be useful for farms and stuff.
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    Ideas for Traheremagy [Discussion]

    I was thinking about a hand cart driven by two golems (could be forbidden research). A defensive cart sounds nice. We could also have a track laying cart with a golem hanging off the front placing down the tracks. A bit like this at 1:31