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    FTB: Revelation Version 1.5.0 download error

    Here to report seeing same issue.
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    When does anyone think FTB Revelations will get a texture pack?

    Soartex works for the most part, only a few missing textures. The FTB launcher doesn't seem to have any current texture packs listed, but you can get them elsewhere online and manually add them.
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    December News

    Any rough ETC for Continuum? Our server community is debating adopting it, but the timeline is a factor. Thanks!
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    FTB Revelation any audible alarms?

    Note block is a good idea, thanks!
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    FTB Revelation any audible alarms?

    Looking for some way to make a warning klaxon or similar sound alarm for when my rocket silos open their doors... Anyone have any suggestions? IC2 had something like this, but isn't in this pack. I tried searching for alarm, klaxon, sound, etc. to no avail.
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    Closed Consistent "can't keep up!" on VM box server.

    Keep in mind single threaded performance > more cores for MC. Look forward to your results.
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    Closed Consistent "can't keep up!" on VM box server.

    From your logs, it looks like you are getting messages when there are more than 2 players on the server. What VM platform are you running on? I've seen similar behavior on AWS instances, which on paper should be good enough, but were only resolved by throwing more compute power at it...
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    Closed Applied Energistics crafting

    Copied the missing files to the original server and the issue is now resolved. Seems under some circumstance these files are not properly generated by the server.
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    Closed Applied Energistics crafting

    Did some more testing. Downloaded a fresh ZIP file from the site (same one I already had supposedly) for 1.2.0 and installed a second server instance on the same system. Loading that MP server and connecting with the same client does NOT reproduce the issue. I used linux diff util to compare...
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    Closed Applied Energistics crafting

    I am seeing this issue on a 1.2.0 MP server as well. Inscriber appears to not accept presses. When placing a press into an inscriber on the top or bottom slots only, it disappears until you close the UI and then it is back in the original inventory slot. Placing into the middle slot in the UI...
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    64x [64x] Soartex Fanver - Smooth and Clean FTB

    The direwolf soartex texture pack is loading 1.6.x instead of the 1.7.x location when downloaded in the launcher. When I download 1.7 direwolf pack, it creates the folder: FTB\direwolf20_17\ When I download the Soartex Fanver resource pack for the same 1.7 DW pack using the launcher, it...
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    Solved Performance Loss Moving to Resurrection 1.7

    So, in the end, I threw hardware at the problem. Upgrading the system to a physical box with more CPU power made it stable with 3 players (no more server lag messages). Bottom line: FTB Resurrection requires more system resources than Monster, so plan accordingly.
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    Solved Performance Loss Moving to Resurrection 1.7

    Next round of testing, I am changing the java opts for Resurrection to match those used for Monster and we'll see what that gets us... EDIT - Results: Got us nothing, still seeing the same performance issues, even with just one player logged in...
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    Solved Performance Loss Moving to Resurrection 1.7

    Server specifications: Hardware: Amazon EC2 M3.medium instance vCPUs: 1 RAM : 3.75 gb Disks: 1x8gb minecraft partition (~100 IOPS) OS: Amazon Linux AMI Old server: Minecraft ver: 1.6.4 Mod pack: FTB Monster (default) 1.1.1 start script: java -server -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -Xms2048m -Xmx3072m...
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    Problem Opening my server - Yogcraft

    If you are running the server on the same PC as your client, then YOU would connect on the loopback IP: If you are trying to get players on your home network to join: 1) Make sure windows firewall is allowing connections to Minecraft server. 2) Make sure all players are on the same...
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    Problem FTB Resurrection Incredibly high ping spikes

    Resurrection 1.0: I'm seeing the same issue on my MC server as well. I've been running an EC2 M3 instance (single vCPU) for Unleashed as a private server for myself and a few friends for the past year, which I shutdown and installed Resurrection on, with identical memory allocations and so on...