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    Whitelist Server Closed :(|FTB Horizons Server|White-List|Teamwork|No-Plugins|Small Town|1.0.10

    IGN: rodolpho97 Age(Optional): 16 First Thing you Would Build: First I do need to analyze the server, but, I would get a piece of land and build my house in the town Why you want to join: I like the fact of the server being focused on groups Do you understand the rules: Understood. Hope that...
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    Whitelist Server StrawHats • Ultimate Pack • 18+ • Dedicated • EU

    IGN: rodolpho97 Age: 18 Where are you From?: Brazil why do you want to join us?: Because it's way better than playing alone. I want to have people to build with or just to see/show nice projects. How much do you play?: Averagely 4 hours/day Favorite mod?: I do like de pack, the way that it...
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    Whitelist Server Feed The Beast Ultimate Pack, Great Community, 50 Slot Server

    IGN: rodolpho97 Age (Over 16 REQUIRED): 16 Ever been banned? If yes explain: Never Personality (Outgoing or Quiet): The balance between the two. Not too outgoing, nor quiet.
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    Whitelist Server KappaCraft|Ultimate|Whitelist|Mining Age|

    IGN: rodolpho97 Country: Brazil Have you ever been banned from a server before? (if so, why?): Nope. Experience with mods?: Of course, just want a way to apply my knowledge on a server, as I can't really host one. Will you use TS If we get one?: I'm could try, but my speech would need...
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    FTB Insanity SSP - Shit Ton of Energy bug?

    Yeah, that Mass Fabricator that I was talking about. <:
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    FTB Insanity SSP - Shit Ton of Energy bug?

    Maybe because there is a mass fabricator below the energy input, and you will need to give energy to process it without scrap before filling up the energy?
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    Whitelist Server Nut Housee Productz [UK]|FTB Mindcrack V8|Whitelist|Closed

    One of us (Yunki) isn't whitelisted!
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    Actually, I'm at cellphone right now
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    But it do protect things inside it?
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    How do I rollback my pack to the server's version?
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    Oh, okay, then! I got that error too, crazy to play soon as possible again. Finally found again internet here
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    WHAT THE HELL? Why are you two guys fighting?
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    idk of a name yet|FTB Version1.1.7 beta|Whitelisted

    IGN: rodolpho97 age: 15 (same as above, 1 month until 16) Skype: rooodx3 time playing ftb/tekkit: Since march. anything about you: Well, I'm trying to find a relatively small server, and with whitelist. I just want to be on a server to interact with someone during the gameplay, and maybe, do...
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    FutureCraft|Latest FTB|Whitelist| Small Skype server! Read for more info!

    IGN: rodolpho97 Skype [required, it's easy to create an account]: rooodx3 Experience with FTB/Tekkit: Since march is enough? Age: 15 Additional information: So, might some people do see brazilians with bad eyes, but I'm just searching for a server where the people is nice and friendly, and...