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    [1.4.6]|{InfinityMC}|Mindcrack|Whitelist|100 Slots 8gb Ram|New Server!

    Ingame Name: bananajuiice Age: 15 Mod Experience: Played since summer 2012, started with tekkit but moved onto FTB mainly because the mod creators don't get credit. About Yourself: I'm from Finland, so there's no point in trying to remember my name. I love playing SMP and I'd be a fun guy to...
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    The ASP Server | Mindcrack (v7) | Whitelisted | 24/7

    IGN: bananajuiice Age: 15 Skype: don't have :( XP with FTB: I've been playing FTB since it came out and before FTB I played Tekkit. Why do you want to join the ASP server?: Looking for a good server to play on, do community stuff and have fun time. Additional info: I play almost every evening...
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    FTB vanilla server 14+ Mature

    IGN: bananajuiice 14+ Age?: Yes, 15 Agree to the rules?: Of course Are you mature?: Yes!
  4. B | Premium FTB Server

    IGN: bananajuiice Where you heard about the server: Here on the forums :-) Why you would like to play on the server: I've been looking for a good server for a while now and I've heard this server has nice community If you have any bans on record: I've never had any bans What can you bring to the...