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    FTB Earth That is the map I found that I was considering taking a look at converting. First I will need to update it to a current version of minecraft. It is at a 1:442 scale which seems to be the lowest scale that has been made to date. If anybody can find...
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    FTB Earth

    When it comes to hosting the server the RAM and Processing power are the bigger issues for lag. Keep in mind that not the entire map is loaded up at once. The dream of hosting it on a server however is a problem to tackle after the map has already been made. Since posting this I have found a map...
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    FTB Earth

    The 1:1 scale was being overly optimistic I admit. I was curious what the closest scale we could get this down to was. The much more exciting part in my mind would be getting all the biomes from Extrabiomes mapped correctly. If it ever does get finished I plan on uploading it to the server me...
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    FTB Earth

    On the main Minecraft forums they recently spotlighted a map someone hap made of the Earth that was at 1:1500 scale. I think it would be awesome if someone could help in the making of a FTB version and possibly even make it at 1:1 scale. If anyone knows how to go about converting real maps into...
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    BashCake's MineCrack Server! [No-whitelist!] [Dedicated 24/7] [NoLag 125 Slots] [Community]

    IGN: Durnathi Age: 24 Reason: Looking for a big server that I can get my friends on and play with other people as well.