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    FTB, CurseForge, Overwolf and the future

    This is beyond BS. They need ZERO of this info for minecraft or modded minecraft to run. Nobody sane wants unreasonable crap like this on their computer (sure, we already have plenty of it from other apps but we need those apps, nobody needs a mod launcher that does this garbage - none of this...
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    FTB, CurseForge, Overwolf and the future

    Love the work you do. Classic client is all I've ever needed. I hate Twitch and hated having to deal with it for the few modpacks that weren't available thru classic client. Things cost money and you have ambitions - people have to realize that amazing work like this doesn't just happen -...
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    help please

    Your question is kind of vague. You need to own Minecraft to play modded minecraft. You'll need to create a profile that includes your minecraft login info so the launcher can download and manipulate minecraft on your behalf. Beyond that, modded minecraft offers a metric boatload of content...