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    Whitelist Server Fusion-Craft|Unleashed|White list|Grief Prev|Daily Contests|TS3|Keep items on death|Essentials

    Forum name: Breigal In-Game Name: AwkwardJoe Age: 19 Country: UK Have you ever been banned? why? No. Do you understand that we won't tolerate cursing in the public chat? I understand. If you could be any super hero or villain who would it be and why? Iron man, because of money and girls.
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    IGN?: AwkwardJoe How old are you?: 19 How long have you been playing feed the beast?: Ever since the insanity maps were released ages ago. So I'm pretty familiar with just about every mod in the pack. Would you say your best attribute is Technical Knowledge, Mining, Creativity?: Technical...
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    Whitelist Server | Feed The Narwhal | FTB Unleashed | Whitelist 24/7 | 24 Slots | 14+ (Mature) | Survival |

    IGN: AwkwardJoe Skype Name (Optional but recommended): awkward.joe Age: 19 Are you new to FTB or a veteran? Veteran. I've kept up with everything having to do with FTB ever since the first insanity map and am familiar with just about all the mods. Why should i add you? I like to involve myself...
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    Whitelist Server Iridium Aspect (IrA) | 1.5.2 | Whitelisted Beta Pack

    Age: 19 IGN: AwkwardJoe Timezone: (optional) GMT+1 Communication: (skype, etc.) Teamspeak or skype Feed The Beast experience: Have kept up with everything FTB-related since the first insanity map, and am quite familiar with all the mods. I've played on multiple servers before and have had...
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    Whitelist Server S!KCraft|Unleashed|MCPC+|MyTown + Essentials|80slots|TS3|No Lag|24/7|No griefing||16+

    Age (16+ only): 19 Country: UK Your experience with FTB: Have been up to date with all the developments of FTB since the first insanity map, so I'm familiar with basically all the mods. What kind of projects to do enjoy making the most?: Innovative forms of generating energy and items. Do you...
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    Whitelist Server FireCraft | FTB Unleashed (v1.1.4) | Whitelisted | No Greifing | Survival | PVP

    IGN: AwkwardJoe Age: 19* FTB Experience: Have kept up with everything FTB ever since the first FTB insanity map, and am familiar with pretty much all the mods. Activity Level: 4-8 hours a day. Timezone / Country: London - GMT+1
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    Bee breeding help?

    That's exactly what I did, I fully inoculated one imperial princess and one imperial drone, and now they are producing other perfect drone offspring. My issue though is that to try to make a perfect industrious princess for example, I would need to inoculate my perfect imperial princes with an...
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    Bee breeding help?

    Oh I see, so if I breed the hive princess with the perfect drone enough times, then the princess will eventually gain those attributes?
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    Bee breeding help?

    One more question... I've managed to breed the perfect production imperial drone and princess, so is there any easy way of transferring all these features to another species, or would I have to inoculate each trait once again? I know that I can just inoculate a new species into the offspring...
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    Bee breeding help?

    What do you mean grab more queens? Do you mean I should start a new branch with multiple princesses? As in I should start everything over but with multiple mundane bees?
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    Bee breeding help?

    I've started on bees for the first time, and have managed to complete a few branches, but I'm a bit confused in regards to branches that again branch off at some point. For example, there are a bunch of branches which depend on a cultivated bee, of which I only have a single princess and many...
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    Frugal and Treasure Enchantments?

    What do they do? Edit: As well as Beast Slaying and Potency?
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    Efficient blaze experience farm?

    How would you get experience if you use turtles though? and yeah a prototype would be great.
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    Efficient blaze experience farm?

    So I've acquired a tier 5 blaze spawner and was wondering how I should go about making a blaze experience farm? This means I don't want them to die, but rather accumulate at one spot where I'm safe from damage and they are down to 0.5 hearts, at which point they can be killed.
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    Whitelist Server ApocCraft [Mindcrack] [Whitelist] [Survival] 18+

    IGN: AwkwardJoe Age (must be 18+): 18 Reason for joining: I've gotten tired of playing FTB on a single player world as it can get quite boring, so I was looking for a cool server where I could play with others. Hours you will be playing (just for reference): 3 hours a day.
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    [Mindcrack] Factory ideas?

    I know that the Mindcrack FTB pack is meant to be especially hard with GregTech set to hard mode, so I'm finding it particularly hard gathering resources. Does anyone have any good ideas on any factories, especially self-sustained ones?
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    My self-sustained factory

    Hmm, I wasn't aware of routers but I just looked them up and they look like they could improve the design quite a lot. I'll look into updating my design!
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    My self-sustained factory

    Well maybe not infinitely so, but realistically that lava lake is not gonna disappear for a while, and in the case that it ever did I could always find another and transport the lava :)
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    My self-sustained factory

    Hi guys, just thought I'd show off the self-sustaining factory I recently made which was inspired by Etho's "Laundromat" although a lot simpler in my opinion. Just about every 30 minutes it creates: 160 Tin Ingots 320 Copper Ingots 60 Gold 60 Silver 20 Wolfranium Cells This may not sound...