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    JVM Arguments for Modded Minecraft (Updated 12/30/13)

    My thanks to you both, I'll be trying all your suggestions as soon as I have some time. Earlier today, before your posts came in, I had a chance to tinker with it a bit, and in frustration, I resorted to the unscientific and unsatisfying trial-and-error method of removing and reinstalling mods...
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    JVM Arguments for Modded Minecraft (Updated 12/30/13)

    I'm having a weird performance issue, and I've tried a number of approaches, but I just can't isolate it. Hope someone can provide insight or point me in the right direction. I'm sorry if this isn't the wrong place to post this. The basic problem is what *looks* like tick lag. I get occasional...
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    (1.6.4) Which minimap?

    I know the cause of your "big squares" issue with Zan's. It's basically the icon for some mod-added mobs, which are unknown to Zan's. So things like Ars Magica mobs will cause those huge squares. You can go into the config and disable radar for those specific mobs. You won't seem them on radar...
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    Where to find Railcraft Geodes? Google Fu is weak today.

    Yeah, find yourself a nice big ocean and where there is one, there are usually many more. I have a huge ocean near my spawn and there are literally more of these than I can count. One thing that makes it really easy to find them is night vision from the MPS helmet, if you can get that, turn it...
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    Firin' mah lasarz

    Well I just looked up the recipes for a basic processor, as an example. Without lasers: 2 redstone, 1 silicon, 1 gold. Cook in furnace for 160MJ for 5 or so seconds. With lasers: 1 redstone, 1 silicon, 1 gold. Cook in ass table for 30000MJ for however long, depending on number of lasers...
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    Firin' mah lasarz

    Oh... I've never once used an assembly table for building AE stuff... the web page does say it's cheaper, so maybe I should. :) Biggest MAC, I dunno, the web page doesn't say for biggest. Only smallest size is specified, at 3x3x3.
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    Firin' mah lasarz

    That's cool and all, but I just don't get what sort of setup requires that many lasers/chipsets/gates/whatever it is.
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    Dang I'm stupid

    There's one other option, and it's a good one, not very cheaty at all. Install dimension doors if you don't have it already. Then just roam around the age you're stuck in till you find a random dimension door and go in. Go through iron doors till you bump into the monolith thingies that...
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    Rubber Tree Farm in DW20 1.5.2 v2 (1.1.3)

    There are a couple of farming related threads on these forums with lots more info, but let me see if I can summarise it for you: If you want easy mode farming, put up an MFR farm with a harvester and a planter and... you're done (of course you need power, automation, etc). Fertilizer isn't...
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    Tanks for the info (a question about tanks... also, puppies)

    Ok, first of all, sorry, there are no puppies. Blame namiasdf for that. He started it. I'm considering some long-term liquid storage, and I have access to a wide variety of tanks, from railcraft to Mekanism's dynamic tanks to the fantastically funky Openblocks tanks to... well, I think that's...
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    Ores n Stuff

    The other thing you might want to try is just roam around the surface. I find gravel ores of aluminum, copper and iron to be all over the place. Tin and gold appear too, but (based on my totally unscientific general impression) less frequently.
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    My New Puppy

    Lets take a poll... considering how many people he has teased and disappointed with his title, who thinks namiasdf should now be required to go out, buy a puppy, take photos of it, and post them? <raises hand>
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    My New Puppy

    From now on, all my thread titles will be mentioning puppies. Or other small, cute, furry animals. Also, nice build.
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    Mob essence vs Exp

    In my own modpack, I've got OpenXP and LiquidXP, as well as Zombie Awareness, so in the early game, I had tons of mobs swarming me, and therefore tons of xp. Which was nice. But by mid/late game, certainly as soon as my MPS armour is up to speed, I am finding no use for xp at all. I can't...
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    Natura Redwoods

    Yeah, when I first encountered one, I thought about getting on it with an Axe of the Stream. But my axe had the repair enchantment on it, and I was afraid that there was so much wood, it would drain all the Vis out of the whole world. Heck, I was afraid it would hack my neighbour's wifi, log on...
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    Best tool for mining nether ores?

    There's also another "brute force" method. Get yourself decked out in a full suit of MPS armour, with energy shielding on all four pieces, get a nice fast pick (any type) and then... just beast mode through it all. I was always hesitant and scared of the pigmen and the exploding ores and...
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    Fiction/LP mashup, Steve's universe reimagined.

    Thanks for the kind words, much appreciated by this wannabe writer. :) Been a busy week but I fully intend to post chapter two this week.
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    Lets See Some Bases! Give Us a Tour!

    That's a nice design. I'm also a fan of those frost-fitted bricks, the blue ones.
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    Fiction/LP mashup, Steve's universe reimagined.

    This is a combination of a novella of sorts that I'm writing for fun, along with a lets-play (my first ever!). I'd like to let the story itself do the explaining, but to (hopefully) whet some appetites and set the scene a little, I want to explain the background a bit. Our hero, Steve, is an...
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    Biomes o' plenty gem locations

    Well on the minecraft forum page for BOP ( it says: Emerald - Forest/Mountain-based biomes Ruby - Desert-based biomes Peridot - Grassland-based biomes Topaz - Jungle/Tropical-based biomes Tanzanite -...