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    FTB Infinity Release

    Yeah, this is the exact one that I tried and it didn't work. Unless it needs to be crafted in something other than the crafting bench I have no idea. The only other recipe ive noticed that doesnt work is the Ender IO cable. As I said the version is 1.11.2, I haven't changed anything but changing...
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    FTB Infinity Release

    None of the Thermal Dynamics Fluxducts seem to have a recipe, at least it doesn't show when you click on them or press R in NEI. I know the proper recipe but it doesn't work in game. I'm pretty much having a hard time finding a RF cable that works properly with the Energy Cells from TE. Ender IO...
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    FTB Infinity Release

    It seems with 1.11.2 the Fluxducts don't have a recipe and can't be crafted, same with the energy conduits. Is this a bug or did you streamline it so only one mod takes the role of energy wires? If so what do you use instead? I can't seem to find anything about this sadly.
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    [1.7.10] The Dark Trilogy [PUBLIC BETA]

    Hello all, tfox83, well done with the modpack, it is great and the attention to balance is very appreciated. One thing though, I am struggling to find out how to get started with this mod pack. I read in the original post that you said NEI will be very helpful, and indeed it is, but I still...