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    Pixelmon mod with...

    Hate to Necro an old thread. But been trying to get Pixelmon to work with the FTB launcher as well. I've tried it with the Vanilla pack under 3rd party mod packs and it doesn't seem to appear, in fact no mods do. Using Pixelmon-1.7.10-3.2.3 And the vanilla pack is set to the same version...
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    Are you happy right now?

    I am quite happy, And I wish happiness on everyone else!
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    Favorite weapon in FTB?

    The Nano-Saber of course! Using the MPS legs with sprint and jump modules. I like closing the distance fast and coming from above :D
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    Welp, elo's alive

    What a Great thread. :D
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    Does anyone else think that GregTech and RedPower threads are getting too self aware?

    Does this thread count as an RP/GT thread? Are we not adding to the already growing list?
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    Does anyone else think that GregTech and RedPower threads are getting too self aware?

    Probably not a good thing for the forums. Eventually they will learn to self-replicate..
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    Welp, elo's alive

    This thread has ascended into something.. More.
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    Welp, elo's alive

    Yeah, I got it. I was being terribly sarcastic.. xD
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    Welp, elo's alive

    I like your sense of humour! :D
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    Welp, elo's alive

    Finally someone with their head on straight. :D On another note.. I'm new to the whole FTB forum, but in the short while I'm here it's clear there is alot of animosity between opposing opinions on the whole RP2 and Gregtech issues. My only point is, why get so carried away about something...
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    RotaryCraft Discussion

    In theory this sounds like an impressive idea. I would like to see it gain some following, I'll take a look :D
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    Welp, elo's alive

    Glad to see everything is okay! :D I'm sure she will get to updating when she is available. Not everyone has the time to update modpacks, considering the work that is usually involved.
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    Whitelist Server RE-OPENED ~SQUirrellCraft~ 1.6.4 Monster-Modified | 32G RAM |Dedicated|Community Based| 。◕‿‿◕。

    In Game Name: Fahrun Age: 22 Banned Before: Me? With a face like this? Never! Experience with modded MC: Plenty! Been playing Minecraft since it only had a Creative mode and Playing FTB and other modpacks a litte after their inception. Goals On Server: Contribute to the look and social aspects...
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    Geting started . . .

    Hello there and welcome! Hopefully everything got sorted out with FTB + MC. Hope you enjoy it and your stay on the forums :D. Noticed your signature says '50% Canuck' If this is true then I'd like to offer you a Peameal bacon dinner.
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    Powersuits OP?

    Good one.
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    Quarry vs. hand digging

    I usually hand-dig. Even when I have the option for quarries.. I usually run them and let them be while I go cave exploring and pick the exposed ore out of the walls. I strangely enjoy the monotony of mining. An MPS generally makes it easier however :D.
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    Hello Good Peoples of the FTB Forums

    SOME honest hard working people such as myself waste all their resources on making a MPS instead of the sensible thing and build a quarry. :D
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    Hello Good Peoples of the FTB Forums

    Hey there, Welcome to the forums! :D Glad to see more folks joining the forums. Happy Mining.
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    Hello World

    I have a day job. So I'm mostly playing at night. I'll message my ingame name :D.