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    Nominations for Forum Moderators

    I am going to say something risky. I heavily suggest someone outside of the forums. Someone with no knowledge of the mods or even Minecraft. An unbiased person whom logs on and follows the rules to the letter. Reason for this is anyone on the forum can gain bias. A totally independent...
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    [1.6.1] Nothing Matters; Alchemy, Transmutation, Automation and a bunch of other stuff

    Side note: Railcraft is super fun. Start early with coal coke and such and never worry about much. Seems like an interesting mod.
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    Direwolf20 vs Mindcrack vs Ultimate vs Yogscraft

    You all do know that maybe they do so just for their younger fans as well as just to be entertaining. They are by no means bad at the game.
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    Thoughts on Mojang & Mods?

    I don't mind Modloader. Heck that is how I first learned to install mods. I believe first mods were Computer Craft and WizardCraft. So I have to agree with Drav here. It isn't really that hard and is good to learn to do.
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    Thoughts on Mojang & Mods?

    Good to know. I guess Red came back since his other games never appeared.
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    Thoughts on Mojang & Mods?

    Very very true. Let us look at Terraria as an example. The creator did a smash up job. A whole lot of people loved it, I know I did. But he was steadfast on not wanting mods and very few texture packs. He then up and leaves the game leaving many with a bad taste due to how he did it. Now...
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    Thoughts on Mojang & Mods?

    Actually some games have gotten some huge life spans due to modding. Half-Life is one I can think of off the top of my head. So it is possible for Mojang to make an API so that the life of the game can be expanded once they move on to another project. By the same token Jeb can easily keep...
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    Welp, elo's alive

    Thankfully only six pages and not like ten within a day. Far as I am concerned it is an acceptable update. I am in no way worried about when it will come out.
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    Thoughts on Mojang & Mods?

    I understand that Drav just a feeling I am getting. Seems something they are adding will break texture packs for a bit. Like I said I hope I am wrong. Peggie you have a point but I sense a lot of anger also.
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    Thoughts on Mojang & Mods?

    I am going to go out on a limb and say the API from Mojang will never come. Jeb will keep pumping out updates, seeing ideas in mods and implement them into vanilla, and tweaking the code just enough to make things a lot harder in the end. I hope I am wrong but it is a gut feeling I have,
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    Resonant Rise

    If time is a worry then say someone makes a launcher that get permission from mod authors to host the mods. People download what they want, there is a database that has config files, done.
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    Resonant Rise

    True...but is it that much harder to say have a facebook page or a google+ group that has links to the files on the forums. You and your friends download and have the config file. Only thing is a slight bit more amount of time but the end result is the same.
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    Resonant Rise

    Just an observation but is the permissions needed? Someone, you or someone else, does the work that numbers 2-7 have. You make a solid config file that has all the changed needed for the mods to work. Someone gives the config file out. Friends download the mods and put in the config file...
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    Just an observation

    I see your point but is it really that hard for someone to download the mod(s) themselves when they have a config file all set for those mods? From what Kirin said in one thread the biggest wait for him is downloading. Editing is rough but by no means a omg type thing. Your idea of a core...
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    Just an observation

    First off this is not snark or trying to be rude just something I have noticed. Seeing how the rise of Kirin's config file has become pretty popular and Redlore also made a config file for the mods on a server to me this seems to be the new way to go. I find it wonderful that such ingenuity...
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    Suggest Mods For FTB Here

    For any whom want oceans to be a lot less boring. New ore and plant.
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    Flame Wars

    IC2 vs TE
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    Shoop Resonant Rise [Ended 7/21/13]

    Well didn't Direwolf have like weeks of episodes made before Pax? I can see that being totally reasonable for people to do things or attend events. Some of the Yogscast did the same thing as they are going to E3 this week.