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    Whitelist Server Monster | Vanilla minecraft (no bukkit) | Whitelist | Friendly | 20+

    Name: Chris In Game Name: Christophturov Age: 18 (19 in 3 months) why would you like to join this server?: Looking for a server where I can start relatively fresh with everyone and possibly make close friends. Love the Monster pack and would like to try it in a SMP setting
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    Whitelist Server Stellar Buildcraft - Unleashed - Whitelist - 24/7

    What is your In-Game Name? ChristophTurov Tell us a little bit about yourself: I'm a 17 year old guy who lives in new york. Ive been looking for a small-ish server to start off on playing ftb. Unleashed is my favorite modpack out of all of them. Ive been playing mindcraft since alpha and ftb...