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    1.0.0: Chemical Crystalizer can't be emptied

    I think the bug stems from the fact that sometimes at the end of a run, there is not enough clean slurry to complete a whole crystal. For example, I just used the gauge dropper to clear 124mb from the machine and all of a sudden the entire process started up again. While the machine was running...
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    Open 1.2.0: Turn off Auto Backup

    I've changed the following setting on server and client side: # How frequently a automatic backup is done in minutes. 0 means Auto-Backup disabled. I:delay=0 Above is the only setting in the config for Aroma1997 backup that relates to how often the backup runs. As you can see i've already...
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    Open 1.2.0: Turn off Auto Backup

    Iv'e tried configuring that mod as well but i'm still having backup done all the time. I want to turn it off completely and i've already set the autobackupdelay to 0 but it is still running. Do i have to turn it off in the client as well?
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    I was wondering how can I turn off the backup included with the Infinity Evolved pack? I already have a backup solution in place with Mcmyadmin. I've disabled the aroma1997 one but it's obviously not the one i need to turn off.