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    FTB and Forge - Curse Partnership.

    Nothing because perms have never mattered. And the new minecraft EULA says I am allowed to use w/e mod I want and the developer has to let me use it no matter what.
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    Weekly News Issue #1

    I noticed the beta mod listing for the monster pack and carpenters blocks was not included. Can we get that as it makes building better looking buildings a lot easier :D
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    fusion reactor help

    supercondensator in the new GT outputs 10,000,000 eu a tick :/ not 8192. And making a industrial blast furnace take 8192 eu/tick gets blown up when being powered by a super condensator.
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    fusion reactor help

    Is there a machine that will output energy at 8192 eu/tick besides an IDSU? Because once you have a fusion reactor you're limited to the 2048eu a tick from a plasma generator which kind of sucks if you want to have a industrial blast furnace with 3 overclockers. I know you can upgrade their...
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    Never Underestimate Small Boilers!

    I power 3 full size multi farms off of 18 industrial steam engines being powered by a 36hp boiler. Why? Because I can. Amurica.
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    In your next Direwolf20 build, will you bother with IC2?

    Induction furnaces are baller. Wheres the TC replacement for that?
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    Steam Boiler Help

    Just throw up 2 MFR tree farms with an emerald upgrade. I was getting 300 oak a minute. Enough to power 25 36hp solid boilers. :D. I have no since moved onto liquid boilers as my friend on the server made a super tree. Went from 2m to 20m + ethanol in a day.
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    Draining Quarries. Good or Bad?

    I made a quarry world on our unleashed server specifically for quarrying. Hence the name :D. However I was not able to make it without some lava in the cave systems so my question is; Should we drain the water out of our quarries when we are done or does it not matter as far as server...
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    Mystcraft always sunny void?

    Sounds good I'll give it a try. Also I am using mystcraft 10.5.
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    Mystcraft always sunny void?

    I am trying to make a void age that is always sunny and has a black sky. Here is what i have tried so far but its not completely working. I'll get a black sky but not always sunny or always sunny with the sky at noon but a gray sky. Here is what i have tried. forest biome single biome dark...
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    The Final Word on Steam Boiler Efficiency

    So I would put 4 next to the x 64, and 44 in the second box to match up 300,000 ethanol the tank shows?
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    The Final Word on Steam Boiler Efficiency

    On the calculator, what do I put for fuel amount if say I have 300,000 ethanol?
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    Best Start for Unleashed?

    Is there a good getting started guide to producing bio mass and using steam boilers? I literally know nothing about those 2 things but can setup a complicated AE system :/
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    Storage to the extreme

    I don't understand your question but when we took out the 4.5 million cobble the ME network responded better.
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    GregTech Has Gone Too far

    What is TFC?
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    Storage to the extreme

    It's because it has to go through all those data disks every time something is done to the me system.
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    Storage to the extreme

    Hows the lag of your ME network? We had about 4.5 million cobble in our ME system and it was pretty terrible.
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    1.5.2 solar farm area

    Makes sense. I guess I was only looking at fueling them with creosote oil which was the whole problem with my complaint ><
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    1.5.2 solar farm area

    Because when you afk you lose food and when you're at 0 food you lose health. So sitting in a hot springs regens your health and food. You know what else is useless. Any generator below thermal. Like what is the point of the coal coke oven and using that oil it produces in the semi fluid...
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    1.5.2 solar farm area

    Nice :D. Wait a bit before using it to make sure its stable. @the rest of the replies What did I start :( Fusion reactor is interesting game play I would say but it requires a crap ton of iridium to get going before you can do it so its either this or bees to get your iridium. Bee's are...