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    1.6.4 Shader Mod working properly (Download link) or: Get your Minecraft beautified!

    Texture packs just try to add more stuff into memory just the 256 texture packs can make some people lag hard.
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    Energy Tesseract Limits?

    1. With 1 tesseract at the MJ source, do you get limited to 100 (75) MJ/t even with multiple destination tesseracts? This is a fact the number is set in the config file it can be changed but most people leave it alone
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    [16x] Isabella II: FTB Edition

    Not sure I mentioned this before but hats off to the artists and maintainers of this pack, cheers.
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    [16x] Isabella II: FTB Edition

    Ok so as an end user how would we download the texture pack from bit bucket?
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    WTF? Electrical engines explode?

    the 4 Thermal generators are from GregTech are you sure those didn't blow up? I'm not really familiar with GregTech so i could be totally wrong.
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    More efficient chunk loading

    i am assuming you are generating EU due to solar panels so you could convert to MJ (there are many means to do this) and tesseract or gregtech has the IDSU which is like an ender chest for EU
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    Help Server crash need to Know what it means

    should watch this thread guy has the same problem
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    32x [32x] JohnSmith Technician's Remix

    that looks awesome
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    Is it hard to use?

    Ok final answer.... just have DW20 do a mod spotlight on the launcher and put a link to it in the launcher. Seems obvious to me they can at least get the thing installed so just need a detailed video walking through the basic operation of the launcher.
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    Old Adeptcraft - A collection of memories

    just a suggestion from left field here but make the world downloadable to the people on the server just zip it up and dropbox the link to the people who want it then they can kinda have the best of both worlds a clean reset and the old world to play in
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    [16x] The Painterly Addon Pack!

    Dinnerbone made a tool to convert texture packs to 1.5
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    Old Adeptcraft - A collection of memories this is my language :)
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    Problem How to make Quarry use fake user

    im not 100% sure what your looking for but have to read through the config file for BC there might be a blacklist for the quarry
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    Help With Applied Energistics

    I want to hook my AE inventory up to my XZ fabricator does any one know how to pull off this small feat?
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    32x [32x] JohnSmith Technician's Remix

    I like the new site very clean and easy to navigate, very nice.
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    More efficient/completely safe nuclear reactor setups?

    WOW just WOW *facepalm* do you read or just type stuff?
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    Project types with face [WIP]

    yeah fabricators have made me a new form of lazy crafter i just have all my chests next to it then paint the recipe from NEI and click so nice.
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    Project types with face [WIP]

    looks like your off to a fine start just be sure to take advice with a grain of salt. Keep calm and carry on.
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    Project types with face [WIP]

    well i was waiting since you said you were out of town but /relpy