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    Greylist Server CLOSED-Cheetohz.Com | Unleashed 1.1.3 W/ Galacticraft | Greylist | Essentials, LWC, CoreProtect, etc

    Age: 16 IGN: Salanth37 Minecraft: Playing for around 1-2 years but have been playing FTB for around 5-6 months. My most favorite part of the mod is IC2. Although I sometimes like to slack off on starting the advancement to the higher tiers. It is mostly because I like to build more fancy builds...
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    Whitelist Server EvilCraft [Unleashed 1.1.3] [Fresh World] [20 slots] [24/7] [Biomes O Plenty] [Plugins] [Whitelist]

    Age (16+):16 IGN (In Game Nickname):Salanth37 Experience with FTB:8-9 months What are you best at (BC, IC2 etc):IC2 (Wanting to try a new start with thermal expansion for something new) Anything you want to add / suggestions?:Nope, nothing came to mind <-Edit (Thought about adding Core Protect...