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    Whitelist Server EclipseCraft Community Server|FTB Infinity 1.4.1|Not Currently Accepting Applications

    Username: Mudrat12 Skype username (Essential, you can PM me it if you wish): Will PM if accepted :) Why do you want to join this server?: I really want a nice community that's active and outgoing to enjoy FTB with Have you ever been banned? If so, why?: I have been banned I shall not lie, in the...
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    Casual Server Private Infinity Server - Looking for 1-4 Players to play with

    I'm interested!!! I'm 15 I've got skype and clear mic quality. MY timezone is CST which is -5 GMT I love playing together and I hope this is my oppruntunity.
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    Whitelist Server FTB Infinity 1.2.1: Mature - No banned items - Extra Mods - Small Community - Established Community

    IGN: Mudrat12 Age: 16 Skype (Required)(Can be messaged to me if wanted): Will message if accepted Skills/Experience in Vanilla Minecraft: I played the free since early beta then bought the full during 1.7.3 beta, I used to play a small towny actively. Skills/Experience in Modded Minecraft: I do...
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    Whitelist Server New Dawn [ FTB Monster v1.1.1 (whitelisted) | 24/7 | +16 | Space Limited ]

    IGN: Mudrat12 Skype?: (Will say if accepted for sake of privacy) Age: 16 Reason of joining: I like close nit servers and I use to play one, but it fell due to inactivity. I was usually the only player. I'd like to get back into minecraft again and hopefully I can here :D! Do you agree to the...
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    Whitelist Server Monster 1.1.2 | Fresh Server | Dedicated | 12 player limit

    Age: 16 Contact: I have TS, Mumble, Skype Expierence: I have played vanilla since 1.7.3. As far as FTB goes I have played since their first map release. I know a lot about the older mods, but I am learning the new ones. I really like a close nit server and I have been looking for one forever...
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    R3V oil to fuel refinery

    I would say you have a bit of unnecessary levers but looks pretty well established. Nice Job!
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    Which Mods Do YOU Add To Ultimate?

    I did and it is :I
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    Which Mods Do YOU Add To Ultimate?

    I dont think it it in ultimate Nevermind
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    Which Mods Do YOU Add To Ultimate?

    Im adding: Lots of Food Mystcraft
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    Yogscast on FTB

    My problem with this is seeing that FTB won't be known for Direwolf20, and all the smaller based youtubers, but will now be known as the pack of the Yogscast.
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    Looking for a good Auto Maceration and Smelting Line.

    I personally prefer the Thermal Expansion machines in their variety to output and input from all sides.
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    [1.4.7][FTB] Feed the Beast, Save the Villagers - unofficial map - ONLINE, v1.94

    I had one accident causing me to restart my world in which my Villagers glitched into the Mystcraft portal below :(
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    [1.4.7][FTB] Feed the Beast, Save the Villagers - unofficial map - ONLINE, v1.94

    So my arrows won't be taken D: I jumped into creative to examine why it won't take the arrows and it seems they keep being sent to the void :( They actually have been taken but will not show up as being taken on the monitor :)
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    [1.4.7][FTB] Feed the Beast, Save the Villagers - unofficial map - ONLINE, v1.94

    Um my villagers either glitched or disappeared. I really hope they are just playing around cause I don't want to have to restart due to this :( They are all in their little village homes before I even completed a challenge... Is that supposed to be like that? Please Message me an answer.
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    Whitelist Server UKZilla | Team Survival | Ars Magica, Chargepads, Balkan's Weapon Mod & Logistic Pipes

    Game Name: Mudrat12 Age: 15 Country: Usa (CST) :) Why you want to join the server: I really want a Epic server just to hang out and enjoy FTB :D Have you read the rules: Yes I have Will you donate to keep the server running? :3 (Totally Optional) Ill try but I dont have any source of income. :(
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    Gold in DW20 pack

    Gold can also be transmuted using Iron but try to not do that until its absolutely necessary :)
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    Gold in DW20 pack

    Quarries are a waste of diamonds. In my opinion of course. I think Turtles should be a focus on ASAP. Makes mining easier but you have to program it all yourself D:
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    Private Pack Feed the Machine | 1.7.1 | Custom ModPack | Mature 17+ | Online and stable!

    Username: Mudrat12 Age: 14 Previous OP/Mod Experience: None really but I try to help enforce the rules to people MySQL, Java, or HTML experience? Not much How well do you know linux? I use windows :( Other information: I enjoy playing mod with people and enjoy the aspect of "teamwork"
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    DrillCraft [1.4.2][Whitelist]

    Ingame Name: Mudrat12 Age: 14 Experience with Mods: Lots I enjoy complex machines favorite mod and why?: Forestry for I enjoy the mailboxes and multiple farms Slowpoke or Direwolf for President? In a monarchy I said Direwolf for King Slowpoke For Queen?