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    Whitelist Server Slaughter the Beast | Ultimate | Whitelist | Dedicated 24/7 | New Map | No banned Items!

    IGN: Zougail Location: Virginia, USA Age: 22 Skype: sepheros.jenkins95 Goals: Have a good time in a sociable environment, while building some things and learning more about some of the mods. Have you read the rules?: Yes, rules are always a good thing(hate servers that do not enforce...
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    Whitelist Server Fuse The Beast [FTB Mindcrack v8] [25 slots] [PvE] [Nothing disabled] [18+ Mature] Fresh server!

    IGN: Zougail Age: 21 Do you understand and accept the rules?: ofc i accept the rules :) Why do you wish to join Fuse The Beast: I want to join a server that has a good community and players do no grief or steal(bad experiences with griefers) and just want an awesome server to play on.