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    Whitelist Server VisCraft 3.0 | Direwolf20 1.0.3 | Whitelist | Small Community | Mature | 20 slot | No Banned Items

    Ingame Name:Coyote888 Age:35 Mod Experience:I have been playing modded minecraft for over 2 years. About Yourself:Im just a good ole country boy. How long have you played minecraft?:Over 2 years. Do you/ Will you use Mumble:Sometimes? Have you been banned before? No
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    mcWiredcraft [1.4.2] Whitelist

    Please remove me from whitelist thank you>
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    mcWiredcraft [1.4.2] Whitelist

    This is the greatest server I have seen. Very friendly No griefing and great builds! Look at this mansion. I beleive its being given away in a contest!
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    mcWiredcraft [1.4.2] Whitelist

    IGN:coyote888 Age:30 Mod experience:Im very experienced with all the mods accept factorization ever been banned before: no Your 3 favorite bands:My morning Jacket, Godsmack, The Black Keys Your three favorite movies:LOTR ,Abyss, Tombstone Do you prefere to venture forth or erect grand...
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    FTB Release!

    Redpower not being out rite now really wont hurt world gen that bad. All were lacking is nickolite and it comes by the boatloads! Silver is allready created by gregtech and thermal expansion i believe. One trip to a mystcraft age for nickolite will be all you need.