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  1. J

    [FTB's Magic World][Whitelist][24/7] Humble beginnings

    I just tried to logind, and the server response that im not white listed. Mabye it doesnt like the game name with the large M?
  2. J

    [FTB's Magic World][Whitelist][24/7] Humble beginnings

    Sounds like a very good idear to limit the auto mining, its make the game into creative in a matter of 6-8 hours. Personally i have very little exp in thaumcraft 3. Im currently looking for a stable server to play on when my time premits it, real life is such a hassle :D Ingamename is JeMo
  3. J

    Applecraft - Magic World | Whitelisted | No Pvp | Creeper Explosions (off)

    IGN - JeMo Age - "25" FTB Experience - bean around Have you ever been banned? - Not in Minecraft, was once in WoW for 24 hours Why Were you banned? - transfered 150k gold to a friend Why Do you want to be part of AppleCraft? - I want ppl to chat with while fouling around with the cool new mod...