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    FTB Pack Comparison

    traincraft is in dev for 1.5.1(2) (
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    Whitelist Server World of FTB|Direwolf20|18+|Mature|Anti-Grief|15 Slots|10GB Ram|Whitelisted|PvE/Survival - CLOSED -

    IGN: Kris1432 Age: 18 Have you ever been banned from a server?: Nope If yes then please state why: N/A Have you had experience with any of the mods in the modpack?: yeah, i host a server for me and my friends to learn, i do a lot of research into each mod, i have a basic overview of everymod in...
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    Obsidian Chest?

    just means that its indestructible (to explosions)
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    Forge Essentials Creeper Explosion

    is there any ways to turn off the creeper explosion, but keep the damage aspect of the creeper so i don't have to worry about my players ruining the landscape, but they still feel the wrath of the creeper. Its possible in normal essentials. could anyone confirm that you can do this? if so how...
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    Problem EE3 Issue with server (Mindcrack)

    tried that earlier, no luck. its a serverside issue. i can go on singleplayer and use the items. is a clash between another mod?
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    Problem EE3 Issue with server (Mindcrack)

    do you want the serverlog?this is what i get anyway.
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    Problem EE3 Issue with server (Mindcrack)

    my EE3 isn't working with the new mindcrack update on the server, they are installed clientside and serverside but its telling me that the items are missing ID's or something along them lines. help?
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    Derp-o-matic|Minecrack v6|Whitelisted|Small, mature 18+ server

    1) Real name Kris 2) Age 18 3) MC username Kris1432 4) Location UK 5) Have you been banned and? N/A 5.1) Why have you been banned? N/A 6) When and how often will you be playing? Most likely every night for an hour or two 7) Your playstyle and mods of your choice ( for example - hermit who lives...
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    [FTB's Magic World][Whitelist][24/7] Humble beginnings

    when're you going to update the server?
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    [FTB's Magic World][Whitelist][24/7] Humble beginnings

    IGN - Kris1432 i'm 18 and from the UK sounds like a decent server, would like to join and be part of the community :)
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    FTB - Forestry

    is anyone up to showing me the in's and out's of Forestry in FTB? i really wanna have a better understanding of it and the wiki isn't really helping me. thanks.
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    Applecraft - Magic World | Whitelisted | No Pvp | Creeper Explosions (off)

    IGN - Kris1432 Age - 18 FTB Experience - Hosted my own server and had a go at most of the stuff over a month period Have you ever been banned? - No Why Were you banned? - Why Do you want to be part of AppleCraft? - I don't enjoy single player and would like to play multiplayer and be part of a...