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  1. CaptPanda

    FTB Update. (New launcher + FTB Omnia released.)

    You're using the forums! Hooray!
  2. CaptPanda

    [Discussion] Player Conveyance: Guide or Quest?

    My main problem with modern quest modpacks is that they aren't quests, they're checklist tutorials. If you look at the early quest packs, you'd notice that there is actually some semblance of plot. Agrarian skies had the plot of gathering enough resources to rebuild the world, Crash Landing (and...
  3. CaptPanda

    Moderators: They make you lose count(Longest thread still alive!)

    1984, the orwellian future of constant surveillance from the moderators kind of the opposite of here now I guess
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    FTB Continuum Release

    However, the big point of this is how it compares to AoE, which came out a lot earlier. A LOT earlier. What is the main difference to AoE? I understand that there is the EFab, which just adds a layer of complexity to crafting, but what other content changes are there?
  5. CaptPanda

    FTB Continuum Release

    So, now it comes down to this pack competing with Exuria from the AoE dev. Thats a bold move to release on the same day, from whoever decided it. Anyways, good job with finally releasing the pack, people have been waiting on it for quite some time. Edit: Exoria, misspelt it
  6. CaptPanda

    March News

    But people want their half-cooked and unfinished games, look at steam! It's full of them! Either way, I'm glad that they let you resubmit items in the pyramid pack in case you used all of them accidentally, however lack of options to automate early-earlygame is a bit annoying. But oh well.
  7. CaptPanda

    Survey - Future Quest Based Modpacks

    help I have a short attention span In seriousness, I would like to add a few things. When I was making Gooeyless, I decided that instead of having a quest book, I used Enchiridion to explain the main changes that the pack made and the main progression path. Also it had a very nice GUI (Ironic...
  8. CaptPanda

    Survey - Future Quest Based Modpacks

    Nope, sticking with FSLS for now, which is why I suggested zoning of mobs so that new players don't get caught up in vet mob's attacks. Also getting stumped by BWM. Good times. But to elaborate on what SHO and vanilla maps do, is that they have MCedited/Wedited/whateveredited spawners to spawn...
  9. CaptPanda

    Survey - Future Quest Based Modpacks

    Personally, I think in order to use combat as an effective gameplay mechanic, you would need something that slowly escalates the challenge as you get more powerful, but in the case of a server/multiplayer session, have them region based so that new players don't join a max difficulty server. (EG...
  10. CaptPanda

    Survey - Future Quest Based Modpacks

    If FTB are planning on making a pack with a proper story, then I would honestly suggest they try and take a page from vanilla mapmakers and make it more adventure based. In my questionairre, I mentioned maps such as Vechs' Super Hostile, Parcel31u's ME series and even Technic's Blightfall...
  11. CaptPanda

    December News

    True, however a small starter might keep them satiated until the main course is served. However, you have reminded me there are 3rd party packs that are available, and so I shall concede to that point. You have bested me on combat and so I shall admit defeat.
  12. CaptPanda

    December News

    However as this thread shows, the people with an issue are the people who want the expert pack. I am not trying to make a second pack, I am making a compromise. In addition, FTB has the technology to actively switch it on and off.
  13. CaptPanda

    December News

    That is not a kitchen sink pack, I mean something that's an Age of Engineering lite. Something that has basic, basic recipe changes. Even a half-assed attempt of making cross-mod progression would be better than another KS pack, and thats something I can say I have experience in.
  14. CaptPanda

    December News

    Pneumaticraft was only an example, does not mean we use that quite so literally. What I mean, is that from the mods in the kitchen sink, use minimal minetweaking to say that the beginning of one mod needs one item from the lategame of another mod, and leave it at that. Tiny changes, but gives...
  15. CaptPanda

    December News

    How about this for an idea, instead of doing another kitchen sink pack, why not make an expert lite pack? The very few people who have played my packs back in the day know that I tried packs with 10 mods or less, and then intergrate them with each other expert style. I would suggest with the...
  16. CaptPanda

    Tradewinds (BETA 0.0.52) - A trading based modpack.

    Have a mod that has food crates, when you right click the crate it spawns in fresh food?
  17. CaptPanda

    FTB Beyond Release

    So is this the expert mode pack or is this the precursor? I want to know for when I throw another 6 months at a modpack
  18. CaptPanda

    January News

    Can you give some examples of good 'twitch' mods then? Mods that require skill to progress rather than knowledge?
  19. CaptPanda

    FTB Infinity Evolved mod pack. Any way to shrink?

    Morph was never in the Infinity Evolved modpack, those were on Direwolf's own modpack. He has never been 1 high in the evolved skyblock series. If you want to use the morph mod, use the Direwolf20 Modpack.
  20. CaptPanda

    What mods do you recommend for a quest heavy modpack?

    If anything, I would say if there was a mod that could control people's gamemodes depending on what area they are in. For example, a dungeon that forces people to adventure mode, and survival outside that area, have people turn to spectator mode when they die, and have a specific area that can...