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    Whitelist Server Chill the Beast: Direwolf20 1.7.10 Modpack Server, All Mods/Items

    IGN:junkie193852 Age:21 How long you've played Minecraft/Past Experience: I have been playing minecraft since beta. Type of Minecraft player you are: I generally keep to myself but love to have a chat and help people on things they are working on. How long you plan on staying: While the server...
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    Whitelist Server The Arctic Server (UK, Small, 16+)

    First Name/Nickname: Mitch IGN: junkie193852 Age: 20 YT Channel (if applicable): N/A thinking of starting one though Why you should be whitelisted: I am a trustworthy honest person who is just looking for a good small server of people that i can get along with and have a laugh. Previous...
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    Whitelist Server MCDC Server|Mindcrack|Whitelist|24/7 Mindcrack inspired (application).

    Application IGN: junkie193852 Skype: junkie193852 Age: 20 Reason: I am looking for a great community of people that i can get along with and have a laugh and that enjoy ftb as i do. please let me know either way, thanks :-)