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    Open Server Feed the Bukkit - 1.1.2 Ultimate (MCPC+) - Dedicated - Anti Grief - No Banned Mods

    I would like to join your server. IGN is Helljumper2x1 I have skype and teamspeak Live in the USA I hate the current server i'm using, that's why I'd like to join.
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    Whitelist Server FTB Masters! |Ultimate|Whitelisted|24/7 active|5gbRam|Friendly

    Age: 18 Country:USA Occupation: Part-time tree trimming services IRL Name: David Hegwood IN-Game Name: Helljumper2x1 Experience of MC: started playing a year ago Experience of Ultimate pack:started 4-6 months ago Experience of Computorcraft/IC2/Railcraft etc: I've been using IC2 since I started...
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    Whitelist Server UnholyCraft |Ultimate FTB Server.Whitelist. Nothing Banned! Mature Only. Hard mode

    Age:18 IGN: Helljumper2x1 Time Zone: Central How often will you play: a few hours a day Why do you want to join: Got tired of some of my favorite items being banned and lag. What are you good at: building complex bunkers What mod do you know the best: Industrialcraft Do you have Skype: yes Add...