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    Kallope am i still on the whitelist, and what is the teamspeak server again?

    Kallope am i still on the whitelist, and what is the teamspeak server again?
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    Whitelist Server Fusion-Servers |Private/Public Servers | FTB Infinity | 1.3.4 | No Banned Items |

    Application: IGN:The_king_99 Age:16 Timezone:GMT/BST (Optional) Extra info:Looking forward to see a great community
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    Whitelist Server Scarlett Skies | FTB Infinity 1.7.10 | Ver. 1.2.1 | Online24/7 | GriefPrevention | Fresh World |

    IGN:The_king_99 Age:16 How long have you been playing with mods:pheeew, along time since tekkit was the big thing. Favorite Mod:Railcraft as well as Computercraft due to versatility What do you like to build: Medieval, steampunk era normally using trains instead of pipe just because of cool...
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    Whitelist Server ▌GrassCraft ▌ Infinity 1.3.1 ▌ Whitelist ▌ Great Community ▌ [24/7] ▌Mature admins ▌ [SERVER CLOSED]

    Applications are closed but there is no harm in trying 1. What is your minecraft IGN? :The_king_99 2. Where are you from? :I am from the south east of the uk 3. What timezone are you in? :GMT/BST 4. How old are you? :16 5. How much time do you intent to play per day (Approx.)? :I should play...
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    Whitelist Server FTB Infinity 1.2.1: Mature - No banned items - Extra Mods - Small Community - Fresh world

    IGN:The_king_99 Age:16 Skype (Required)(Can be messaged to me if wanted):Choose to message after acceptance Skills/Experience in Vanilla Minecraft:since 1.0.0 Skills/Experience in Modded Minecraft:played tekkit through to unleashed have had a blackspot for a bout a year although with the older...
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    Whitelist Server Globalcraft | Infinity Evolved 2.3.3 Expert Mode| Mods Added| Whitelist | Mature | Small Community|

    What is your IGN (Case sensitive):The_king_99 Age (Must be 18+) :16 How long have you been playing Minecraft :3-4 years Do you accept the rules :Of course Where are you from? :The grand old UK How big is your knowledge of mods? (e.g. Tinkers construct, Railcraft) :Seasoned experience with mods...
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    Whitelist Server | FTB Infinity Server ! | Small Community,Friendly,Mature |

    Name:Joe Age:16, I suppose I can be labelled as mature if I'm currently taking the exams that will decide my future Ign:The_king_99 Experience(How long have you been playing,etc):I have been playing for a total of 4 years now, I do programming at school I'm supposedly pretty good, thus, my...
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    Whitelist Server Blues-Craft | Infinity 1.2.0 | White-List | Grief Protection |Keep Items on death | Essentials |24/7

    IGN : The_king_99 Why you love minecraft? : you can make anything you imagine! Whats your favourite mod? : Most likely, CC Why do you want to join the crafters? : I need relaxation from exams, and this looks like a relaxing server Whats the main rule? : Have fun Experience With Modded Minecraft...
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    Whitelist Server XimCraft - FTB - Unleashed 1.1.4 [24/7] -Whitelisted

    ALL WELCOME but reply here for more info PEOPLE OUR NEW THREAD THIS IS OLD redirect here
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    Whitelist Server XimCraft - FTB - Unleashed 1.1.4 [24/7] -Whitelisted

    What is your age?14 (almost 15) Are you able to speak English? Of course i live in the uk Do you agree to follow the Feed the Beast server rule:Yes of course no being annoying or greifing or lagging What is your minecraft username?The_king_99 Why do you want to join our FTB server?Your FTB...
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    Open Server Underground Lounge FTB | Monster 1.0.9 | PvE | Plugins | New World | Active Community

    IGN :The_king _99 Age : 14 (hopefully not to young) Why I would like to join : looking for a simple FTB Unleashed server to play and experience FTB with a helpful community. Experience with FTB : I've played FTB since the first pack but neglected it from ultimate as one of my favourite servers...
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    Whitelist Server ♥Pidcraft - A casual survival FTB Ultimate server for building fun, exciting communities!♥

    Minecraft Name:The_king_99 Suggestions (Optional): Not at the moment A little about yourself: I know most of the mods like the back of my hand i also play on the ps3 especially battlefield 3 and on odd occasions call of duty. Can I donate:Yeah probably Do you agree to rules of course Timezone...
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    Whitelist Server CraftBeast|Ultimate Pack|Whitelist|24/7|New Server!|90 Slots! |Nice Community|Updated!

    Minecraft Username:The_king_99 Age: 14 but close eh? :) Have you been banned before?:Nope, not once If yes (above) State why:N/A Secret word: Sponges! Will you follow all of our rules?:Yes, definitely Why should we whitelist you:Because im quite advanced with the mods,i like to work on projects...
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    Whitelist Server Direwolf20 Server Whitelisted 35 slots

    Minecraft name:The_king_99 Age (optional):14 Ever been banned?:not that i know of Experience with the modpack:Very good, I could tell you about most mods but the 1 exception would be CC coding and my strong point would mainly be the power side, i really like to work on community projects and...
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    Whitelist Server Nuclear Alliance [FTB Ultimate] [Whitelist] [Survival] [Essentials]

    App for a friend IGN:MrMeta100 Age:14 Whitelist Link: Will Be Active: Almost everyday for at least 1-2 hours Why Do You Want To Join The Server: Same reason I did also that i am on the server and he want to play with...
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    Whitelist Server Nuclear Alliance [FTB Ultimate] [Whitelist] [Survival] [Essentials]

    (App repost) IGN:The_king_99 Age:14 Whitelist link: Why do you want to join the server:I am trying to find a server with a good community and i can build in peace and make friends. Ive also noticed i used play in the...