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    Whitelist Server FTB Infinity 1.2.1: Mature - No banned items - Extra Mods - Small Community - Established Community

    IGN:uber1234emil Age:14 Skype (Required)(Can be messaged to me if wanted):uber1234emil Skills/Experience in Vanilla Minecraft: I know everything there is to know about Vanilla Skills/Experience in Modded Minecraft: I have a decent amount of experience Location/Time zone:Norway gmt+2 How often...
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    Only one of each ore

    OK but how do i go in the config files and find them
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    Only one of each ore

    Is there a way to only have one of each type of ore if i have a lot of difrent types of copper for example
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    Whitelist Server [CLOSED]Zola's Server Infinity 1.0.1 | No Banned Items | No Lag For now.

    IGN: Uber1234emil Age:13 Banned before? If so, why?: No i have not bean baned before How much can you play?: More in the weekend but almost evry day Any additional comments: I have played ftb for 3 years
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    Whitelist Server Small Whitelisted DW20 1.7.10 server 100% uptime

    In-Game Name: uber1234emil Age:13 Why should you join our server?: Because i am mature and i know a lot of mods and i want a frendly community with some players with out worming about grefers
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    Hello i wnat to start a DW20 server with 5 skandinavian people

    You seam real teel your friend about the server i won`t start until we are 5 and i am one of them :)
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    Hello i wnat to start a DW20 server with 5 skandinavian people

    Go to this web site if you want to join: