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    Railcraft 1.5

    If you really want it, just search it in google with something like "railcraft 1.5" and "esper" (the IRC)..
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    Solar Powered Matter Fabricator, I'm really proud of this!

    Why don't you just use 4 HV transformers (inverted) and use some glass fibres?
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    industrial grinders, worth it or not?

    Then you also want to consider the by-product from ferrous ore (platinum-> iridium) vs. the amount of energy you need to get iridium from uum vs. the amount of energy you save from not using industrial grinder.
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    OP-ness Verification

    I'm sure he's perfectly fine with infinite water, reason: the new drain cover he made.. the thing is a lot faster than aqueous accumulator..
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    Mindcrack pack Nano saber

    Then turn it off when you are not using it..
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    Gregtech recipe help. Want to disable alternatives.

    The TE one is for machine frame substitute for machine block in some of GT/IC2 recipes (also include generator at current version). Well I always use my gravitool.. no need to install another mod for that haha..
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    Gregtech recipe help. Want to disable alternatives.

    THis? circuitry { B:BCChipsets=true B:BCGates=true B:ForestryCasings=true B:TEMachines=true }
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    I did bee math! (Now with more usability!)

    It's not basic operation, I just use it to the limit, if I want a pure breed, I first breed it with a pure bred drone with choco frames, and then inoculate the bee with the serum I want. Or I can automate it using 64 pure bred drones and cycle through it until the bee got the correct traits...
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    I did bee math! (Now with more usability!)

    Lifespan doesn't matter, it's all depend on the chance of comb per bee tick (which is maximized with more frames you use in 1 alveary, but also limited to a number as said above), lifespan only give you more bee ticks before the bee is death. You still use swarmer? I don't quite understand why...
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    I did bee math! (Now with more usability!)

    9 impregnated frames for maximum production of valuable bee (fast trait, haven't tried fastest, probably 8 for fastest), the rest is lower than that, and lifespan. doesn't really matter. and the maximum production is 27.5 sec/1 specialty and 27.5 sec/ 2 products.
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    One bee to rule them all?

    Apart from diamond, emerald and GT related bees (valuable, impregnable, ruby, austere), I'd say, Demonic bee for lava and glowstone (can be further converted to gold and redstone).
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    GregTech 3.0

    Er... GT had no overclocker upgrades before recent version , it's an addition my friend..
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    GregTech 3.0

    Yeah using your hand as a hammer, smart move :D No, the overclocker is ONLY for GT machines, which you install by right clicking the GT machines.
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    GregTech 3.0

    Huh? I thought you get diamond dusts if you do that and 9 diamonds if you smelt it.. Well... at least you still use a machine and not using your hand to break the diamond block into 9 piece of diamonds.
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    GregTech 3.0

    Nah, what is more silly is to make a diamond block of 1m^3 in a crafting table using your hand..
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    GregTech 3.0

    Tutorial for the new fusion reactor I found in youtube..
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    GregTech 3.0

    The "tricoder", and the helium plasma. He will probably buff the recipe of all dual and quad cells to require copper plate (1 copper ingot) instead of dense copper plate (8 copper ingots)..
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    Pure bees, help!

    You only need 2 uranium, they are multiplicative..
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    Interdemensional Energy Storage Units

    If you are using the old version of fusion reactor then it's before 2.90g.