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    Private Pack Shadowrealm, Shadowrealm pack 2.0. MC 1.6.4 (whitelist)

    ingame name: Crizer Age: 18 Minecraft experience: iv played minecraft since the start of beta and iv been playing with a lot of mods since the burst that there was in beta 1.2 till the proper release and eventually the ftb and Technic mod packs Average behavior and goal on server: to explore...
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    Private Pack NoodlePowered Network | Custom modpack | Great community | Teamspeak | Skype

    IGN (Minecraft Username): Crizer Age: 18 Timezone: gmt+4 (curently) but it will change to gmt+1 for the summer and after that I'll be in the time zone of eastern Us (mostly due to moving into uni and stuff) How will you benefit our community? Overall i am a friendly guy and am quite experienced...
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    Whitelist Server OTEGamers Network - Magic Farm 2.1.8 | Whitelist | MyTown | TS3 | IRC | Fast Whitelist!

    In-Game Name: Crizer What are you looking for in the server? i was looking for a change of scenary from tech world and my options were magic farm or horizon but as horizon is currently "unavailable" as non new server is hosting the 2.1 version i chose to play magic farm, out of this server...
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    Whitelist Server Feed The Beast Magic Farm 2 [1.6.4] Whitelisted server [12+]

    IGN:Crizer Age:18 Why do you want to join?: originally i was looking for a horizon 2.1.0 server but as no server is around i decided to look at magic farm 2 server and you happened to be the first i ran across that isnt centuries old Experience with modded minecraft: played with ftb packs since...
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    Whitelist Server The Construction Society | Whitelist

    What is your in-game name? crizer How old are you? 18 How long have you been playing Minecraft? since the end of alpha Have you ever been banned from another server on Minecraft? If yes, what was the reason? never as far as im aware Do you accept the rules? yes *optional* What are some things...
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    Whitelist Server NeoShinto|Monster+Morph|Whitelist|

    In Game Name: Crizer Age: 18 Reason you want to join: you have the monster pack + morph :3 also you are a fairly new server Any previous bans? not that im aware of If yes, why were you banned?: How often are you going to be playing?: probably every day 1h ish
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    Whitelist Server Koala Konstructions FTB Direwolf 20 server! 1.6.4 Mature + Friendly players only. 16-20 Slots.

    end of the month..... server got closed...different server is nwo hosted with that ip...... thats my guess counting i asked the same thing and never got a reply
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    Whitelist Server Hoffcraft | FTB Monster | Small Community | Whitelist | 1.1.1 | Builders Wanted!

    Age: 18 IGN: Crizer Skype or TeamSpeak 3: skype- CrizerX Country: italy uae usa (depends on the time of the year) Timezone: gmt -5 +2 +4 Minecraft Experience/Favourite Mods: played minecraft since it came out of alpha and played every single ftb pack at least once giving me enought knowledge to...
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    Whitelist Server Blockcasa Private Minecraft Community | [Direwolf20 (v1.0.7)] | [Whitelisted]

    IGN: crizer Age: 18 Location: Padua-Boston-Dubai (depends on the time of the year) Skype: Yes -- CrizerX
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    Whitelist Server A7CRAFT FTB Direwolf20 /whitelisted / 20 slot / 18+ closed temporary

    Username : crizer Age : 18 Why you want to join our server : "no ban on mods" :D also the whoel thing seems pretty good in terms of rules and community Banned before ?if yes why then : not that i know of Skype optional : CrizerX Other information : i like pie <3 and I know almost every mod in...
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    Whitelist Server Mineguild Network

    IGN: crizer Age: 18 Have you played on other modded servers before?: Yes - Since when are you playing modded minecraft?: I've played ftb since it came out and know every mod inside and out except computer craft. (on a side note it wont be long till i can youse cc aswell as im studying IT)
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    Whitelist Server WannaCraft | 20 players | Direwolf20 v1.0.7 | Whitelist

    Ingame name: crizer Age:18 Skype: CrizerX Why you want to play on the server: looking wor a godo server that: 1-wont close in a week 2-has a somewhat decent reliability 3- has a relatively small community. and so far this one looks promising general level of mod competence: i know every mod in...
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    Whitelist Server Beat The Beast dw20 1.0.1 whitelisted small community(1.7.10)Nothing banned,fast response

    the server tells me im not whitelisted im crizer if you can't tell
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    Whitelist Server Gordontech|DW20(Always up to date)|Mature (18+)|Whitelist|NO LAG!|Only MC+Forge|Everything Unlocked

    What's your In Game Name (IGN)?: crizer Age: 18 Country: Italy And a little information about yourself: i have been looking for a server that hopefully wont close down in a week's time and this one looks promising, i know the whole ftb pack inside and out, and i have been told i make good...
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    Whitelist Server Beat The Beast dw20 1.0.1 whitelisted small community(1.7.10)Nothing banned,fast response

    IGN crizer AGE 18 WHERE YOUR FROM Italy HAVE YOU EVER BEEN BANNED nope WHY SHOULD WE WHITE LIST YOU im a fun guy to play with or so i have been told :P i know the mod pack inside and out and i could help setting up some builds for the server.
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    Whitelist Server Hideout Kingdom [Dw20 1.0.23][24/7][40Slots][Plugins][Whitelisted]

    im blind...... i didn't see your banner :P so i went to check your website