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    Whitelist Server The Red Legion's FTB Ultimate [24/7][Whitelist][Teamspeak3]

    - I.G.N (In game name): SI_FI_Stupidity1 - Age: 20 - Reason you want to join: Small friendly community that seems cool - Have you ever played with FTB Before?: Yes many times before and even before ftb was out i played and played with the mods - Have you ever been banned on any other server:no...
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    Whitelist Server SerialCraft [Whitelist|Custom Modpack|24/7 Dedicated|TS3] [+18]

    IGN SI_FI_Stupidity1 Age (+18)* 20 Where are you from? London How long do you play with FTB mods and your experience. Before tekkit and ftb came out, Are you going to be an active player? Yes daily Why join us? I want a mature fun server that will hopefully enjoy my community projects such as...
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    Whitelist Server UnholyCraft |Ultimate FTB Server.Whitelist. Nothing Banned! Mature Only. Hard mode

    Age :20 IGN :SI_FI_Stupidity1 Time Zone:GMT How often will you play: Whenever I have the time when I am not at work Why do you want to join : Well other servers are generally full of stealing little 12 year olds , and the server ban lots of things so I cannot make awesome things for the...